Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hollin {1st & 2nd months}

Hollin is eight weeks old!
She will technically be two months old on Tuesday, but close enough for a photo shoot.
Because, let's face it..
If I can find a pocket of time with three little ones all five and under for a photo shoot,
 I take it!
: )

Hollin is:
-Nursing every three hours- much less than the boys at this age. In fact, she is much less vigorous and interested in nursing period.  She likes to snack here and there and is already starting to sleep long periods of time at night. She does love to nurse and cuddle though, and I love that special time spent with her.  
-Still sleeping lots during the day!  She rarely seems awake and alert, though around dinner time she perks up and stays awake until I put the boys to sleep. She is making better eye contact and has attempted a few coo's here and there.

-a very easy, quiet baby. She rarely makes her presence known, but has had a few crying spells that have been emotional and dramatic. {grin!}  When she gets upset, she will let you know, but thankfully, we've only seen it a few times thus far.

- an absolute joy for our family!  Harbor and Henry LOVE their sister.  They want to hold her and keep me informed if they suspect a dirty diaper or a lost pacifier. Harbor, especially, being older {5 years old} loves to try to make her smile. He has taken to calling her Miss Muffet.

- loves her pacifier and has been seen sucking her thumb on occasion.
- Starting to smile a bit! She is just showing a few grins, but, oh! How we get excited when she does! Her eyes look very blue, much like the boys. Her hair is still dark, but it is growing in a very reddish blonde. The boys never kept hair this long, so it has been quite a change to see that hair poking up over bows!
- sitting with us at the dinner table in her new high chair seat. We all like being able to see her face instead of having her in the floor in her swing. Henry has climbed in a few times. He has adjusted very well considering they are fairly close in age {19 months a part.} He likes to push her swing and put her paci back into her mouth.
- wears a size one diaper and 0-3 month clothes, though she is still quite little for most of the three month stuff. She is a tiny little thing, much daintier than the boys, for sure!
- a perfect addition to our family!  I love having a girl, a daughter. I love being a mom to three children.
The Lord sure gave us a perfect fit for our family!
And even though I find myself with no time to fold laundry, no time to clean bathrooms, and no time to sit down and eat during breakfast or lunch, I wouldn't trade these days.
This season is fast! I know it won't last forever. And I love these baby days.
They are busy though- and I've found myself praying for patience and better time management as I keep the road hot driving my crew all over creation for school drop off and pick-up {half day is a killer for trying to plan anything!} and for joy in my heart when children are all crying at the same time.
: )
But at night, when the house is quiet, I feel the Lord refill my cup. And I look forward to the next day.
This season is fast. I know it all too well.
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