Friday, October 10, 2014

DIY No-Sew "Lego" Shirt {Harbor's Birthday!}

Harbor will be turning six in a few weeks, so I have been busy crafting his party.
With the Lego Movie being so popular, 
Harbor decided it was his most favorite party theme in the whole world 
and he just had to have a Lego par-tay!
: )
One sought after item was a cute Lego shirt that could be used to create his birthday party invitations.
{He is inviting his entire Kindergarten class and wanted his picture on the invite since we still don't know many people with kiddos his age}

After looking at online options, I decided to just make my own using fabric and no-sew Heat and Bond.
I bought "fat-quarters" fabric in red, yellow, and brown.
The basic white tee is from Wal-Mart.

I pre-washed the long sleeved T-shirt and followed the Heat and Bond directions to iron it onto the colored fabrics. Since the Lego design I wanted to create was small, I only ironed a small amount of fabric.

I free-handed a Lego man in pencil
{head, hands, shirt, and pants}

{If I can do this, anyone can because I'm no sketch artist!}

Then, I cut the pieces out and added a number "6"
{make sure to cut your numbers out backwards!}

 Follow the Heat and Bond directions so that you iron the glue backing onto the wrong side of the fabric, leaving the right side facing up.

Iron it on high without steam.

And with small pieces, like the little Lego hands, I had to sit the iron on top and literally hold for about 30 seconds. You can always follow up with fabric glue if you have pieces that just won't glue down.

For the face, I used a basic black Sharpie marker.

It has a "homemade" look to it, which I think is so fun at this age.
No question that it was made with love.
And by special request from an almost six year old.
: )

He was pretty happy about it.

And since the whole project only cost about $8.00, I was pretty happy, too!
Everything is awesome!

Lots of party prep to finish this weekend, but at least the shirt is checked off my long list!
Enjoy your weekend!
: )
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  1. You are always so creative! I am sure the party will be a hit! I hate to point this out but I would want to know...there is a misspelled word on the side of his invitation....building. I don't know how you are doing it all with 3 little ones! Congratulations to your beautiful family!

  2. Hello, Lynn! Thank you so much for your sharp eye! Appreciate it! : ) Thankful to have such sweet readers!