Friday, October 17, 2014

Fastest Beef Stroganoff

Recently, when I was making a dinner menu to cover two weeks of meals 
{we only grocery shop twice a month,} David went online and pulled up our blog to look for dinner inspiration. I had asked him to recommend some favorites to help me plan.
It was then I realized how many of our favorites aren't posted. David rattled off a handful of family favorite recipes that I've never taken the time to document, so I'm officially going to try to attempt to make more of an effort to record what we like to eat.  
I'm cooking every night. I just need to grab my camera more often.
It makes meal planning so much easier to have a virtual recipe book, especially when family members can easily access recipes or I can pull them up while traveling on vacation.
That being said, this is our favorite recipe for super fast beef stroganoff.
You will need:
stew meat 
garlic powder
beef broth
heavy whipping cream
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
an onion
and not pictured, but egg noodles

Give your onion a chop

and toss it into your crock pot with your stew meat

I don't ever measure this step, but cover your meat and onion with garlic powder.
We love garlic, so I tend to really cover everything well.

Add a half cup of beef broth and the entire container of whipping cream.
Stir in your two cans of soup.

It will look really watery and soupy, but let it cook all day long on low. 
Or, like I usually do, start it around lunch on high and it will be ready by 6:00 p.m. dinner.

The sauce will thicken nicely!
Boil your noodles and serve the sauce on top.
We usually have enough sauce to feed all of us and then for one leftover lunch the next day.

It is really rich and warm and filling.
Perfect for these cooler Fall nights!

It is the fastest beef stroganoff.
And my cute cooking assistant, Hollin, gives it two thumbs up!

{This recipe has been added to my recipe tab at the top!}
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