Friday, November 8, 2013

Of {Fall} Mice and {little} Men

Howdy, friends.
How are you?
Things are going really well for us!
I keep telling David that we have a thief on our hands.
Someone keeps stealing time from me!
Everyday seems like Friday- and the week has been stolen away again.
David snapped this picture weeks ago after our first gymnastics practice.
Have I already shared this picture?
I honestly can't remember.
It is such a reminder to me that it was a "first" day.
And just like that, time passes on.
Henry is creeping up on 10 months.
I can't believe it.
I feel like I should still be pregnant,
posing on our gorgeous Michigan staircase for monthly pictures.

He makes me so happy.
I love seeing Harbor have a friend, a brother.
 My kids have four years between them.
So, Harbor is more like a mother hen most days.
: )
Harbor is such a great help to me.
I really mean that.
He picks up little toys Henry might swallow and puts them up high, out of reach.
He entertains him while I cook and makes him smile when I want pictures.
These little guys will someday be men.
I just can't envision it.
But, I know it will come to pass.

Henry is into everything.
He has learned to open the oven drawer.
And loves to sneak into the pantry and pull things off shelves.
Last Friday night, David treated me to a night off of cooking and made tacos.
David loves to cook, too, so sometimes he comes home with the urge.
And I let him have at it!
He made his usual homemade taco shells.
His mom used to make these for every taco night.
Sometimes it doesn't seem possible that both of his parents have passed away.
His dad, this month, has been gone over 11 years.
His mom was gone a year in September.
David, at only 32, is far too young to have both his parents gone.
It does create in him a deep, deep desire to parent and father our children intentionally.
We both know time will pass and babes will grow up.
It is a tremendous responsibility.

 Harbor will turn five this month!
{I can't believe I just typed that!}

He is growing up.
And next to Henry it is so painfully obvious how "big" he really is.

I have to take most pictures being "sneaky" as he has his own ideas these days.

Here is a very real glimpse of a typical afternoon:
Harbor, laughing, watching Angry Birds.
Toys strewn across the house.
Me, nursing Henry, feeling very thankful for the mess- and two kids who make them.
Don't you sometimes feel like you can see the future?
I just always have the sense that these are the best days of my life.
These are old pictures, but I'm behind in posting them.
: )

 And, suddenly, big brother wants to be in the picture!
My basement craft room is in full swing!
Christmas cards galore!
200 have to be made in just a few weeks.
Pictures have been taken, printed, card stock purchased, cut to size, and
they are coming together so nicely! 
{I love this time of year!}
And lastly, when the mountains have snow on top....
the mice come in!
: )

If you're new to our blog, the "mice" tradition has been going strong for three years now.
I put them out at night when the kids are asleep-
and catch their reactions when they wake.
They just never know when the mice will come in!
Harbor said, "Mama!  The mice followed us from Michigan!"
We are so antsy and anxious right now.
My mom flies into Colorado in three days.
I've not seen her in the flesh in SIX months!
And she is staying for three whole weeks!
I'm so excited to share the pictures with you when she gets in.
We have plans to take her to all of our favorite spots.
Have a great weekend!
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  1. I think I stumbled upon your blog right after you had Harbor. I can't believe he's about to turn 5!! And I love that he's wearing footed pajamas ;) so so cute! Henry's two little teeth on the bottom make me smile. He's so precious! Happy to hear your mom is visiting! I hope you have a wonderful time with her!

  2. Those tacos shells look amazing! I do love the mice in your house. At least they are cute and non-living:)

  3. So much to comment on, I loved all the photos & you will never be sorry that you took the time to take your photos when a day is gone it is gone forever & yes you now see how fast the years are passing. Loved the idea of the little mice that have come in from the cold so cute & really cute of Harbor that he said the mice followed you to Colorado from Michigan. I can't wait to be with you guys for 3 weeks just to hang out & play with the boys. Miss & love you all, Mom