Monday, November 4, 2013

Mountain Snow Hike {Pikes Peak region}

A few weekends back, David surprised us all with a family hike and day trip
 to an alpine reservoir at around 9,000 ft. in elevation.
The day was sunny, but chilly, and since I didn't know where we were going, I tried to dress in layers.
The views were stunning!
The woods were majestic with snow melt off rushing into mountain streams and Aspen trees dropping their leaves under foot.
Harbor collected walking sticks and pine cones.
I've never seen him happier.
I took a little over 800 high resolution pictures and totally filled a 4G SD chip.
{30 pictures... not 800... no worries! Ha}

The higher we climbed, the more snow we trudged through.
We saw lots of fun animal foot prints and each tried to collect the perfect stick.

At many points, we all walked alone in the snow.
For many people, I think, that would be a bit lonely, but, it was pure tranquility for me.
No technology. No television. No conversation.
Just family.

The lake was really breath taking.
Definitely worth the long hour hike!
I carried the tripod all the way to the top, through the snow, on my back.
Someday, I hope my kids will thank me for these family pictures.

My favorite trees were in varying degrees of winter preparedness:
some still holding yellowing leaves and others bare.
I could photograph Aspens all day long, I tell ya.

And on the leg back, Harbor's legs gave out.
David carried both kids for several miles.
I took pictures of them the whole way.
And it made me fall pretty far behind the group.
David kept looking over his shoulder at me as if to say,
"No more pictures!  Keep walking!"

And Henry totally conked out.
"Head back, no neck support, bobble-head asleep"
conked out.
We got a big chuckle over that!
What did we ever do without our sweet Henry Edward?!
: )
Love these leaves!

And this is David.....  stil carrying both kids.

And love this boy!
: )

The sun was setting as we reached the trail head.
Shooting on A-Dep mode on my Canon, I was able to capture some really pretty shots.

This is Pikes Peak in the background.
 For a girl who just spent two years of her life in Detroit,
I feel so blessed to spend the weekends hiking the Rockies.
Where you live, do you have a favorite outdoor place to just refuel and relax?
 : )
{In Detroit, it was Lake Huron!}
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  1. We currently live in Missouri, our favorite place here has varying degrees of trails and at the end there is a little train to ride. Just this year we started taking the boys without any mode of transportation besides their little legs. Throw in our naught trail dog who barks at EVERY other dog she sees(she's a weimaraner)and we end up more exhausted than all of them. We will be moving to South Carolina at the end of the school year and Im excited to get a better lay of the land there and make new discoveries for family outings. Kemper

  2. What a beautiful day with your family! I enjoyed the photos!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to answer the question...We live in central Arkansas, and my favorite place to relax is on the White River (in north AR, where my parents live). It is a great way to refuel, but it also brings back such pleasant memories from my childhood.
    :) Jamie

  4. Looks like you all had a fun family day.