Friday, November 22, 2013

Harbor's 5th "Mountain" Birthday

We are having way too much fun around here!
Zoo trips, shopping trips, movie theater outings, and lunch out every day!
Yes, we are living on "Gigi time."
: )

But, I did want to stop in and share Harbor's 5th birthday party.
We set up a small party for five in a beautiful field with mountain views.
Red rock formations, snow capped Rockies, and arid cacti made for a fantastic backdrop.
If you've been reading our blog for any amount of time, you might recall his 4th birthday party was in Chicago and his 3rd was on Belle Island in Detroit.
That makes the last four birthday parties in four different states!
{Visit here to see a quick recap of his parties in Chicago, Detroit, and Fayetteville!}

It is hard to believe Henry will be a one year old in January!
I love these days!
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  1. So cute! We used to live in CO and take pictures in the same area! Love the BIG 5!!

  2. What a wonderful Birthday Party. Oh the views are just gorgeous. I am usually a beach girl and Scott is a Colorado guy. Someday maybe we will get to go see those views. Happy Birthday to Harbor!

  3. What a FUN birthday!!! I love all of the photos. And I'm still in awe of how YOUNG your mom looks! And you! Gorgeous, all of you!

  4. I have enjoyed the last 3 'destination parties' for harbor! So incredibly neat to have those scenic backgrounds each time!! I.Love.It!!! Can't believe he's 5!!!