Monday, June 6, 2011

Hart Plaza

One of my favorite places in Detroit is Hart Plaza. It is so refreshing and grand. You just seriously cannot take a bad picture of the skyline there. The splash fountain was busy as it was the first real warm weekend Detroit had experienced. Harbor was pretty timid, and rightfully so since the water was ferociously loud, but he enjoyed the spray cast off from the wind.

After Hart Plaza opens up, you can see the fist across the street, and not far down the road we saw a film crew making a new commercial. So neat to live in the motor city (where I'm taking some flak for driving a foreign car! Oops!) Hart Plaza drops down to open up back onto the river walk and it is a perfect place to boat watch- sail boats, motor boats, and the gigantic steam and freight loaders. With a view of Windsor dead ahead, there is a lot of action on the water.

Sadly though, on both of my trips to Hart, we've been hustled for money on the river walk. There are numerous homeless people sleeping around Hart Plaza that ask, and while Rachel and I were strolling along, we were even invited to a game of chess for money- winner takes all. The man was obviously homeless, but I whispered to Rachel that I would be tempted to play him if I were really, really good. We both got a giggle, but of course said nothing and kept our eyes ahead. I'm learning the ropes fast in my new big city! While it is beautiful and exciting, you must always keep your wits about you.

We live very close to several islands and have visited two in the last few weeks- Belle Isle and Gross Ile. Belle Isle is a very unique island in that is has one bridge and is the closest you can get to Windsor without needing a passport. You could literally jump off the island and swim to Canada in a few strokes. Border Patrol Police are rampant there and it is neat to be dead center between the two countries in the middle of the Detroit River.

Grosee Ile is home to the CEO of the company David is working for and is home to some very impressive water front homes. There is also only one public bridge on and off the island, and it turns to allow the fright liners to pass.The residents have immediate boat access as their yards have private beach areas and for those inland, canals behind their homes. On the island, their yachts line the water like parked cars. The view of Detroit from the island is unreal and many of them, David's boss included, have become close friends with their Canadian neighbors just across the water.

Rachel and Harbor William had such a fun time playing together while she was here! I think after two weeks of just being with David, my mom, and me, he was ready for some new faces.

Rachel was a blessing coming with her fancy phone equipped with Internet. I know it will shock most of you, but I don't have a cell phone with Internet. In fact, I only got text messaging a few months ago (and all of my friends jumped for joy! Ha!) In the month I went without Internet here, I also went without cable.. and to this day haven't watched a single television show. I guess I'm not that hooked on technology or reality TV, although I do love my blog since I use it as a photo journal of sorts.

Anyway, when Rachel came with her phone, she found "hot spots" in the house where she could get a really strong signal and would read her email or twitter or check Facebook. Pretty soon, I was trying to do the same and now that she is gone, I wonder if I got Internet on my phone if it would help or hurt me! Ha!

She and Harbor William practiced making faces....

 This is their "serious" face, which is a new face for Harbor. He is such a character!

 And this is what we call his "cheesy" smile. When I ask him to smile now, he makes this face. I'm not sure what our Christmas card picture will look like if we can't break him of it soon! Ha!

I still have more pictures to share... we went to the zoo and Lake Erie, as well as some fun times just around the house since my family has left.

I'll leave you with a fun house project I worked on today for Harbor's big boy room. This "Spa Blue" color is a great accent color to go with his drapes my mom made while she was here. The drapes were made from the inspiration fabric I bought a few months ago in Arkansas. It is a stripe pattern of blue, red, black, white, and a kelly green. Such fun, bright colors! And we all know that shopping your house is a great way to find the perfect piece for a new room! His new twin bed is black with a pretty tall headboard and footboard, and I plan on hanging this above his headboard for a splash of color.

 We are working hard on the house every night, getting unpacked, and more settled and our master bedroom and sitting room are almost done! Can't wait to show you! Take care!


  1. I was so glad to see you finally posted. I had been praying the move was a smooth transition for you guys. I admire you so much for making this move, you are one brave girl.

    I am so glad I get to continue following your journey. You are by far one of my favorite bloggers!

    I love that mirror and have been looking for the perfect pink on for Emma's dress up corner. I am thinking Daddy might have to paint it. Thanks for the idea!

    So excited to see your new home!

  2. I have been shopping my house lately too! I LOVE the mirror! I can't wait to see his room...
    The area you showed is beautiful! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  3. the next post better be of your house....or I'm gonna start to think you didn't really move anywhere! ;)
    Love you miss you!
    {the mirror is gorgeous!--I was at a thrift store today and was trying to channel you and your creativity---it did not work}