Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Sew Flower

Things have been busy the last two days here in Detroit for us.

We have:

1. Visited the library
2. Found several amazing deals at a local thrift store, including a huge bolt of linen-esque fabric with at least 20 yards for only $10.00
3. Started painting the dining room
4. Worked 30 minutes a day on our preschool lessons
4. And I've cooked a meal from scratch for the last week... with no eating out.

We are looking forward to the upcoming weekend and chance to slow down a bit and have some fun (and eat out! Ha, ha!)

This picture has so much going on all over the place, but I wanted to show you two things:

1. The leaded glass plantation shutters {original to the house} in the dining room. I think they are so pretty.

2. The curved ceiling in the dining room. If you look at the upper left corner, I think you may be able to see that it is starting to curve and swing upwards. I really love this feature. It takes the architecture of this house to a whole nother level.

I had a blank palette in this house, give or take, with most rooms being stark white. I just really love green. In our old dining room, I chose to do a harlequin paint treatment, floor to ceiling. Click here and here for a refresher. I tried to get away from the green in this dining room... but I'm just not ready to break up yet.  : ) No harlequin, but something just as fun! This weekend, David should begin taping off the design, so I'll keep you posted. It starts with a "C" and ends with an "N". Any guesses?

And since, were talking about design, I thought I'd show you a little project I threw together while my boys took their showers {and I had a total of 15 minutes to myself} Ha! But seriously, I really did this in 15 minutes or less, so it is an easy project if you want to tackle it.

These flowers have been around for a long time, and maybe you have already made a few. If not, they are so easy, and in my case, almost free. I did pay 45 cents for the little grapevine wreath on my thrift store outing.

You need:
1. a grapevine wreath of any size
2. scissors
3. two long strips of fabric- each strip about 24 inches long. You won't really use that much, but extra is better.
3. Hot glue gun

I worked with this white cotton/linen type blend, but any type will work
{avoid heavy upholstery material or wool}

If you have never made one, start by folding your strip in half.

On one end, fold it into a small ball and hot glue it down

I know I skipped a few steps, but hold the knot/ball in one hand and twist the length of the fabric toward you. Twist it around the ball and set it with glue. Keep twisting it toward you and turning it around on itself.

When you are almost at the end of the strip, I like to stop working and use what is left to fold over the backside and glue it to cover the back.

Glue it onto your wreath. After I set it, I turned my wreath upside down to make sure it didn't drip onto the counter. 

Use your last piece of fabric to make a loop so you can hang it somewhere special.  : ) Again, this is "no sew", so just cut it with scissors and tie it up.

In our master bedroom, we painted the wall behind our headboard a "chocolate-meets-gray" {the color is alluding me right now, but it is from Lowes. Let me know if you want the color name.} The other walls in our bedroom and sitting room are a light robin's egg blue. Since this one focal wall is darker, I decided to hang my wreath there to add some contrast. It is not a huge change, but the little things sometimes make all the difference. Having the hardwood floors really allows you to get away with some darker color choices, I think. 

I am really getting close to showing the entire room and sitting area. It has been a fun color palette to work with. We had everything in this room in our house in Arkansas, but we did purchase a new comforter set. I love the crisp white color and the dress maker details {pretty pleats and pin tucks!}

Some items were "shopped" from other areas of the house and I, of course, spray painted a lot. One major change is having a sitting room. I ended up using a living room chair in there, and it is a great compliment to the room {and cozy place to do my devotional.} I was also excited to bring in my small white nightstand that had been in the guest room. It was a piece I saved from the salvage yard in Arkansas and one of the very first pieces of furniture I ever redid {stripped, sanded, painted, glazed, and hardwared. You can see it here and here.}

Enjoy your Friday! I've got a sitting room and a dining room to finish. And I promised Harbor and David we would really try to have some {non house related} fun. : )


  1. I LOVE chevron! I cannot wait to see your dining room once it is finished!!

    Your bedroom looks beautiful! I am loving all these house updates! Keep them coming! :)

  2. i love chevron too...very fitting for the "motor city" :)

  3. Have you seen the chevron tutorial on Lindsay's site- gives great advice on keeping lines super straight!

  4. Oh Jessica,
    I am LOVING your bedroom!! I LOVE your bedding ~~ so pretty!!! And I'm gonna, make one of those flowers today. I'm gonna see if I can do it. Looks pretty easy..... I'll let ya know =)

    Have a Blessed day friend ~~ Dawn

  5. I think you are doing an amazing job with your house. Wish you could do mine?

  6. Jessica! I am so excited! I don't know what rock I have been living under for the past few months but I totally missed your posts about moving, I live in Michigan, and oddly enough, I just moved 2 hours north ( to be back home where we grew up) after living in Detroit subs for 20 years! My hubby is still working down there and communting! Yikes! Anyhow, I can be your new Michigan friend!!! I know how hard it can be living away from family and friends, so if you need anything please let me know. I am almost 95% sure I know where you are living, we have frequented those places many times. Please email me privately at and we can exchange our info! Welcome to Michigan sweetie! I have so much to show you!!!

  7. Jessica I wasn't able to get on here last night, Rachel wanted me too see "Cars 2" with her last night,ha!!!So off I went, we had a fun outing just us girls. I think she's tring to keep me young, the movie didn't start till 9:30pm & you know thats late for me,ha!!! You know I love that green in the dining room, & I see Harbor was not too far away from all the action,ha!!!I bet David paints in his sleep when he lays down with all the painting his done lately. One day it will be all done & he won't know what to do with himself!!!Can't wait to see it finished. Everything in the bedroom has come together so pretty. It looks so crozy & warm & such a restfull place to relax. And you little white fabric flower is very cute. You did a great job on it. I will have to remember that. I have ideas for that fabric you found at the thrift shop, I'll talk to you later about it. Miss & love you all, Gigi

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I made a couple of those cute flowers in red, white and blue material and put them in a basket on my table. So cute!

    Thanks for the great idea ~~ have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  9. Hi Jessica! Love your blog! I love the chevron idea and really enjoy your home ideas! I have to ask, do you know the name of the painting in the white frame of the boys walking in the field? I just love love it! Thanks!