Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hello, friends and family! If you follow my blog but don't have your own, know me in real life, taught school with me, or are just a friendly lurker who has found me perhaps through mutual acquaintances we may have, feel free to leave a comment. I've modified my commenting section and will approve all comments before they hit the airways. No promises, but I'll give it a whirl and see how it goes. Only nice comments, please.  : )

Harbor and I were swimming in the backyard in the little pool when the UPS truck arrived and delivered a very heavy box. He said,"Oh! This is all the way from Arizona!" I felt bad correcting him that "AR" was an Arkansas abbreviation, but I felt the need to inform him that Arizona was in fact, "AZ." Since I've lived in both states growing up and all, it was necessary.

We raced inside to see what had arrived!

And here is the "cheesy" smile once again making an appearance.

My mom was so sweet to write several notes to each of us and attach them to specific items that she thought needed further explanation. This bag was full of goodies for Harbor William.

Thanks, Gigi and Poppy!

This in particular made me laugh out loud. Anyone who knows Harbor knows that black olives from the can are his favorite snack. It was just so unexpected to see them in that box that I really got a good giggle. And he promptly asked me to open them. And he ate them all.

This sweet note was in a baggie full of spices. Her note explained that she looked for these spices in our local Michigan grocery store and couldn't find them. She wanted to make sure we had them. Thanks, mom! You are so loving to think of the little things. 

And this bag had a note to David. While David was painting the house the weeks my mom visited, he stained his favorite Razorback shorts with brown interior paint. My mom, the generous one to think of everything, had been on the scout since returning home and had found two replacements. And a Razorback flag for our cap cod. There definitely won't be another one flying anywhere close to here, I'm sure!

After we opened the box, I called my mom to thank her, and bless her soul, she was leaving the post office from mailing another package here! I told her to pace herself, but we are so excited to see what she sends! Thanks so much, mom and dad. It makes us feel so much closer to you! Everything will be put to good use!

In other news, Harbor and I have enjoyed spending our days together. Many people have asked if it feels different, staying home full time now time as opposed to teaching. Honestly, it is too soon to say. As a teacher, I was off every summer for two months. And with it being summer now, and since I pretty much finished my school year out, I really just feel like a teacher on summer break. I'm sure when August rolls around, it will really hit home that I no longer have my own classroom to manage. But, I love being able to share in Harbor's day. I feel fulfilled and challenged and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is where I need to be, where God has called me, and where my heart is happiest. I miss teaching, but seasons of life come and go and change. This is just a new season.

Harbor was unintentionally "growing" his hair out as we have been too busy to find a hairdresser (or dog groomer, for that matter.) My roots are going to start growing weeds if I don't get a foil soon, but moving out of state makes it hard to tend to those needs as there are so many other pressing matters. I took these before his hair cut with daddy a few days ago.

Harbor and I have spent the hottest part of the day inside building car washes complete with "white suds"...

Stop signs...

and sail boats..

I had a sweet comment asking about my time management through the day, and eventually, I'd love to share our schedule with you. I know everyone has a different lifestyle and what works for us would not work for everyone, but I certainly believe in structure. Coming from a classroom environment, it is key in creating a predictable and peaceful environment. That is not to say that we always have a "plan" for our day, because we don't, but we generally are creatures of habit around here.

During the cooler part of the day, I have been crouched in our backyard, spray painting an odd assortment of mismatched frames, using Rustoleum Satin Green Apple. It is a perfect "fun" green somewhere in between Key Lime and Moss. This project was cheap and free, other than spray paint. We all have framed art and photographs that we outgrow or become outdated. By popping the glass out, old frames can be used as art for large expanses of wall.

I'm nowhere near finished on our hallway going upstairs, but this gives you a good idea where I'm headed. I still have several frames hanging that need to be painted, but David placed them first for me to develop the pattern. Frames within frames requires a bit of planning, but it has been a fun project!

Harbor's room was painted tonight and we have made some strong progress there, so I hope to have some pictures for you in the next few days. Other than that, were doing well. David is enjoying his new job and has made a few good friends and even played a golf game last weekend with a few guys from work. Harbor and I are hard at work with the potty chair and I have a million projects running at all times. After we get Harbor's room put together, I'm whitewashing our fireplace and then moving to my craft room. Anyone have experience with whitewash (not white paint, but the actual lime mixture?)

I hate this picture is blurry (I used my tripod and so the focus was out of whack, and a picture of me is rare these days,) but Harbor and I had reason to celebrate. My Michigan driver's license arrived and we headed out to the library to get a library card and check out books! We were both so excited and Harbor almost breathed an audible sigh of relief to have new books at home.

The library is quite a sight. It is old, like our home, almost 100 years old and was at one time a Victorian mansion on the water, owned by a wealthy family in the city. It has since been given back to the city and placed on the historic record, renovated to its former beauty, and is a wonderful place to visit and, of course, watch boats on the Detroit River. I love that greater Detroit is trying hard to preserve its historic buildings. Despite what you hear, Detroit is a city of amazing culture and art.

As a fun side note, Michigan residents receive an "Enhanced License" if they so choose - those of you that follow my blog from Michigan, just ignore this since you already know it (ha!), which means it is a passport of sorts, as well as your regular license. My license will give me access to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean islands without needing a passport. Isn't that fun! So, we may be visiting Windsor very soon! Exciting!

Until next time, take care! Love and miss you, friends and family!


  1. Hi Jessica,
    I am Adrienne Woody's College Roommate, Kelli. I found your blog through hers. I remember seeing David at church (UBC) on Sundays when I lived in Fayetteville. I hope y'all have a wonderful life in Detroit! Your blog is cute, and your little boy grows to look more and more like your husband each picture I see. Cheers!

  2. Oh my goodness, reading about those packages from your mom almost made me cry. How sweet!! So happy that y'all are starting to settle in and make your house a home. I love the progress you are making and can't wait to see more!

  3. I love seeing your projects! Harbor is so cute! I love how he builds roads out of crayons. It reminds me of my MK. I know you all are having fun! What a precious Mama you have.

  4. Oh my goodness, I get to be the first to comment. I couldn't hardly sleep last night knowing you were updating your blog but I knew I had to try & get some sleep & your blog would have to wait till this morning before I could read it,ha!!!!!I'm so glad you loved all the goodies from Arkansas. You know you guys can't forget where you came from,I will help you remember,red & white clothing will help,ha!!!!I love Harbor's car wash, his road out of crayola's & all the good things he builts out of his wood blocks. I miss all of his toys,ha!!!My old mind won't be as sharp as it use to be since I'm not building with those wooden blocks,ha!!!I just love your idea for those old picture frams, that really helps to cover a very large area.And not spend alot of money to do it.You really need to write a book with all your ideas in it for decorateing. I will try & keep my comments short but its so hard, I have so much to say,ha!!!I love & miss you guys so much, even Bichon. Hugs & kisses to my baby Harbor, Gigi

  5. I didn't know MI had a license like that. Neat! We are actually going to MI next month to see my SIL & her husband. They just moved to Grand Rapids.

  6. Hi Jessica!
    I haven't been to UBC in Fayetteville for about 8 years now, so I'm sure I saw you, too, but Your little guy was definitely not there yet! He's adorable. I've been "lurking" and following your blog for a while now. I graduated from U of A in 2002, and now live in New York. I've been here for 6 and a half years, and I can't wait to get back home to Arkansas...Only 4 more years!
    My husband, Marc, is a lieutenant with the NYPD and can retire in 4 years, so we'll be headed down south ASAP.


  7. Oh Jessica, those green frames are gorgeous! Love the display!! Sounds like you're already adding your individual touches to your new home. Can't wait to see more pics!!

  8. How sweet is your mom! Yay for Razorback stuff!!! I love your frames on your staircase. I have been trying to find something for my stairs and this may be exactly what I need!!!! So so cute! LOVE! And I love the pic of you and Harbor!