Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What a nice few days I've had at home with Harbor!

But I have to admit that I've been a bit obsessed with finding (hunting them down like a bloodhound!) odds and ends and giving them new purpose and meaning.

See! I call these my "painting pedastals." David fondly refers to them as property damage.

Speaking of which, I only have one more frame to paint and touch up and the hallway may be finished... maybe.

This week, Harbor and I have made snack decisions together...

 built train tracks, bridges, and tunnels... I think I'm making great improvements in my civil engineering skills (and gaining brownie points with my two boys!)

created European inspired roadways...

And constructed a race track and parking garage worthy of the name "Trump."

I have really spent the most of our time focusing on the potty. Harbor was previously doing really well, but with the big move here to Detroit, a new house, and a new routine, we lost a bit of ground. The good news is that today is day four with no accidents and mommy not having to change a single daily diaper. He has been working so hard and has really decided he is ready. We still, of course, sleep with a diaper at night, but for day times, he is letting me know on his own and making it every time. Way to go, Harbor William! Mommy is so proud of you. : )

This picture makes me laugh! He was sitting on his potty "waiting", but was distracted by his blocks. I came around the corner and discovered his little pajamas still down.  Silly, Harbor!

And since we are always learning new things, Harbor has learned a new "card" trick that he would like to show you!

Impressed, hu? I'm sure you've never seen piggies do that.  : )

David has some really fun plans for our "home-school-preschool-workbook" table. We really only use it for 30 minutes or so during each day, but I need organization and a way to get "everything" up off the table to clear room for us to have plenty of workspace.
Harbor is such a happy worker, and as a "retired" early teacher of six years, it makes me so happy.

We spent this day working on preposition concepts.

My aunt, Cathy, recently celebrated her 50th birthday and my parents threw a big dinner party for her at their house. They had a Rick's cake, fresh flowers, and lots of guests. We really missed being there, but we had a plan- a skype dinner! My parents cleared a place for us at the dinner table and set up the laptop. We coordinated it so that we were sitting down to eat at the same time they were. We all ate dinner "together", visited about current events, sang the birthday song together, and had dessert. While we didn't have cake, I made sure to have a yummy dessert ready- strawberry shortcake. It felt (almost) like we were there! They, in Arkansas, took a picture of us (my mom has it on her Facebook page- sorry), but I posed us and took a picture "with" them. Ha! It is the worst picture in the history of failed tri-pod attempts, but I want to preserve this memory and share it with you anyway. Poor David is completey cut out, but Harbor is laughing from the "blinking" light of the timer, which is pretty cute. What a great memory of a fun celebration!

Harbor is all about making faces these days. He has several, but today I wil showcase his happy and serious ones. He is so into making the "serious" face.. it is seriously funny!  : )

Harbor and I have been spending a fair amount of time outside everyday. If I can just be honest, I'm not into summer as a season very much. I really don't heart the pool and I hate to stay out very long. I know it is shocking to most of you and I wish I were different, but alas, I just don't love being out in the sun. I like the tan and I like the "idea" of it. All that to say, I'm really, really trying this year to spend as much time outside as Harbor wants. And, it really hasn't been that bad. I'm just so much more of a "knee boot, blazer, scarf, Let it Snow, Let it Snow kind of girl." Maybe Michigan and I will be best friends? We shall see! When our loan officer here said they had SEVENTY inches of snow last year, I almost spit my Coke Zero out.

Harbor asked to wash my car, and well, it did really need it.

As part of the "potty promise," I have vowed to Harbor that he may receive one ice-pop for every potty success story. Today, folks, he ate eight of them. And I was more than happy to serve them up!

And drumroll please.... I had some friends in Arkansas (you know who you are! Ahem!) that were threatening me if I didn't start showing a few more room pictures, so here is where we are at this point with Harbor's room. Sadly, it is only one side of the room. I'll keep you advised when we turn the corner and do more work (I have two canvases to paint and a drape to make for the other side of the room first.. mom, want to come visit soon?) Ha!

I really do feel lucky- like so many of you other ladies, I have a husband who is Handy Manny and will do about anything I ask of him. Hmmm.. he must love me or something.  : ) Thanks, honey! You work hard all day and I sure appreciate it when you come home and get things done around here, too.

 My mom made these "handsome" double drapes when she was here visiting. They look really great, mom, and I love how nicely they fit in those sturdy cornice boxes.

And here are my festive (easy!) scrapbook paper canvases. They are hanging on the other side of the room, which is under construction. Harbor and I like to talk about them, where those states are, and what they mean (while we sit on the potty and wait, and wait, and wait...)

Ahh! Don't you love it when a room starts to come together! Again, this house has such great bones. Large upper and lower trim really sets the tone against the paint and those brillant, 82 year old hardwood floors. I chose a few color "splash" rugs, which are really in right now and so fun as an alternate to a full area rug. Harbor likes to choose a color and sit and read on it.

 And that $20.00 Fred's mirror from our first year of marriage (over 10 years ago!) has come in handy! It makes me wonder what else in this house needs painting... ha!

I've added a new, fun anonymous poll in the upper right hand corner!
Have a blessed weekend and Father's Day!  


  1. Oh my goodness! Y'all have been over the top busy! I have been thinking a lot about you!!! Harbor looks so cute and handsome! Love the pics of him w/ the popsicle! Cutie!

  2. I am also becoming obsessed with finding things and "fixing" them. I LOVE Harbor's room. It is so bright and cheerful! If you have any potty tips please share! We are going to start that adventure very soon!

  3. Awww his room is looking great. We are thinking of doing a few stripes in my son's big boy room.

  4. Girl I am so happy for you all! It looks like you are adjusting well and getting to enjoy some special time with Harbor. I know how hard it is to be away from family, my family is all on the west coast, but Skype really makes it nice to keep in touch. We have had many laptop appearances for bday parties, reveal parties, pregnancy annouce., etc and we take lots of pics of each other on the computer:)


  5. That's an awesome big boy room! I love the colors!

  6. Oh my word, that picture of HW with his serious face is to die for.. When did he become so grown up!! You're such a great Momma and his room looks fabulous!!!

  7. WOW girl you are SO talented!!! Harbor William's room is just beautiful and that staircase ~~ WOW!!

    So glad you are loving life in the big city and having lots of fun being a SAHM.

    Have a Blessed day friend ~~ Dawn

  8. Oh, my goodness Miss Jessica, so much too comment on. I just love how those red strips look on that wall in Harbors room & if I say so myself the curtains I made do look mighty fine hanging there,ha!!! I love all the photos of Harbor with his popsciles & the washing of your very dirty car, I even noticed some bird poo in the pictures,ha!!!Looks like the birds are enjoying your trees around your house. And I'm so glad you find the time to play with HW with his blocks,train tracks, cut & color & even hang outside for alittle while in the heat, its so very important. Our work really is their play.Children have so very many hrs to fill in their day & its how they learn. Can't wait to see what handy man David has in mind for Harbor's table he works at. Knowing David it will be great & perfect in every way.I noticed how perfectly stright those red lines were that he painted on HW's wall,ha!!!I miss those days with Harbor when he was too busy to finish one task before he went on to the next, everyday will get easier on the potty training. Don't forget we all at one time had to learn this big mile stone. Its only one of so many in life. Your blog helps Gigi & Poppy not feel so far away, give Harbor a kiss & hug for us, miss & love you always,Mom

  9. LOVE the stripes in HW room! They look so good!! Also, the stairway is coming together really nice! You are such a talented decorator!! Love you!

  10. Cute Room.. I saw your post on pintrest about the homemade laundry detergent.. I am going to give it a try! Somehow your blog trapped me in and I have been exploring for the last 45 minutes.. :) Welcome to Detroit by the way!! If you have any questions or ever need anything look me up. I am in Detroit as well. My husband and I love it!! Love your Blog.