Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Working at the Carwash

This is a video mainly for grandparents and family at home in Arkansas, but feel free to enjoy if you wish!  : )

Harbor is wearing underwear. There is a shot of me sans makeup. And yes... we are listening to my 1994 Counting Crows CD...  You've been warned! Ha! I wasn't going to post it, and I typically take a small video clip a day, but I think he is talking so clearly in this clip and I know my family loves hearing him. : )

*Not sure why our voices lag at the end of the clip- I didn't do any editing to it- so it seems a little odd to me. Oh, well!
Enjoy, family!


  1. Ha!!!!Harbor is a very busy boy. I can't hardly belive its time for him to be in big boy underware, time is passing so fast. I see little Bichon in her bed, I do miss her she was always ready to take a nap with me,ha!!!And I see your green photo frams on the wall by the staircase, they look great & green is a great color against that white wall, the frams just pop. I mailed Harbor another package yesterday, the people at the post office are becomeing my new friends,ha!!! They act like they know me now. Well,my baby boy has moved far away & he needs more things to help him (& you too) to pass the hours during his day. Its good to see your pretty face too at the end of the vedio, Poppy & Gigi miss you all & love you too.