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The Story of Harbor's 6th Lego Birthday Party

We celebrated Harbor William's 6th party this weekend!
The boy loves him some Lego's, so the choice was obvious.
Anyone who has searched high and low for Lego party paraphernalia knows that there is none.
Despite the movie success, you can't go out and buy any themed items.. yet!
So, it was mom {me!} to the rescue with some hand made items that really set the tone and made it fun!

We hosted the party at our neighborhood clubhouse- so easy!
They also had ceiling tiles which made hanging those huge Lego's I made really simple.

I made Harbor's Lego shirt and have a tutorial posted here if you are interested.

The back drop is a Lego flat sheet that came with a bedding package from Target,
or as we like to say, Tar-jay!
: )
The bonus is that now that flat sheet is on his bed.

I made the Lego banner from card stock and tracing a million 50 little circles and cutting them out.
On both the huge hanging Lego's and these on the banner, I used pop dots to make them stand off from the card stock and add height so that they wouldn't look flat.

For the head, I spray painted an empty pretzel container bought from Sam's Club.
I hand cut the eyes, mouth, and eye brows with black card stock and hot glued them onto the container.
The body is a wrapped diaper box. I used the same black card stock to make the bow tie and buttons.

I made the cookies above by using an easy Royal Icing recipe, piping an outline in yellow, mixing a flood icing and flooding them, letting them dry overnight, and then piping the faces.
This was my first try at Royal Icing and it wasn't as scary as I thought, though it is much more time consuming than I knew. Since my skill level is basic, I decided to make each have a different expression instead of trying to make a perfect face x 36 each time. I made two number six cookies to add some fun.
  I have to say the cookies were a huge hit!

I wrapped four faux gift boxes to use on the table for height.
The two huge ones {red and blue} held the gifts bags and some of the fruit we served.
The two yellow ones were used to hold more fruit. 

Since Harbor isn't a cake or cupcake fan, 
{What is wrong with my son?!  Just kidding!}
we opted to serve fruit and cookies, which are two things he does love.
: )

For his special cookie, I found these Lego candles {cute alert!!} and piped them onto the cookie with icing.
I wrote his name on the side and a number six on the top.
We sang and lit them and it worked perfectly.

For the kids, I set up four stations:
-a craft table for Lego painting
- a craft table for Lego paper dolls {a boy version!}
- a station to play with Lego bricks {we used the mega blocks so they wouldn't get lost or swallowed!}
- and we had a movie watching station where the Lego movie played on repeat
{Everything is Awesome!}
: )

For each craft station, 
I made instruction cards so kids and parents could work without me telling them instructions.

I chose red single dot Lego's for the red paint, blue two-dot Lego's for the blue paint, etc.
I also had baby wipes for hands and made sure the paint was washable!

For the paper Lego dolls, I printed an outline of a Lego mini figure and made shirt and pant patterns.
I provided buttons and scrap book paper for the kids to dress and decorate their Lego man {or woman!}

I made two sample Lego mini figures and had those out with the instruction cards.

I had a good friend take the pictures, which freed me up to enjoy myself!
This was Harbor's first real party since turning two years old.
We've always been on the go moving {three states in four years!} and haven't been settled anywhere long enough to have a real party. So, if you think you see me in the crowd in these pictures, you are right- it is me! No camera around my neck this time!
: )

The kids watched the movie and built in the floor area between the craft tables and the main table.

I love this picture of Harbor and his "friend" from school.
Can you believe we had about 30 people at the party and we only knew about nine of them!
Harbor was allowed to invite his entire class at school, so I let him.
So fun to see and meet his friends- and their parents for the first time!

Lego stamping craft-
they were instructed to "build" their own Lego building and name it.

Paper doll craft

My sweet Hollin!
She was a great baby during the party. 
I had to leave the party once to nurse, but other than that, she was golden the entire time.  

Me behind Harbor as he designs his Lego mini figure.
I was having fun- maybe as much as the kids.

David and I, feeling very relaxed, and thankful to just enjoy the kids!

Harbor's creation- he opted for no clothing via paper and wanted to just draw on his.
: )

Henry was all about the paint!
He was covered- which was funny and not funny- at the same time.

My big six year old!
Sniff, sniff!
{SO glad I have more babies to have more birthdays with! Kids growing up physically hurts my heart.}

Lighting candles and singing!

Opening gifts
Y'all, I think we practiced for two full weeks what to say when you open gifts from friends.
Not that Harbor isn't a gracious or thankful child, because he is as soft and sweet as they make them, but I was really pleased when he stopped, made eye contact, and said thank you to each friend.
: )

This picture of me was too funny not to incorporate.
I hide my feelings on my sleeve, I tell ya!
My face is so dead pan that no one ever knows my feelings.
: )

And we got a fun group picture.
These kids mean so much to Harbor, and therefore, so very much to me.
Don't you love your child's best friends?!
Especially the ones that point them back to Jesus.
I'm just so grateful for them all.

The Lego mini figures and building drying

Gaa! He sure is cute!
Looks like his daddy!
: )

Our dear friends, Melissa and Daniel.
Melissa was our photographer, so I snapped a few of her.
They, and their son, Hunter, are coming to our house for Thanksgiving.

And Melissa and I

Where was Henry during this all this par-tay time?!
Cheesing it up, y'all!
That's where.

And then he saw the camera and got busy on his work!
: )

It was a great party!
Everything was Awesome!
: )
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  1. I loved the pictures! And all the kids looked like they had fun too. Dad