Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Musings

October was a month full of snuggling with the new baby.
Snuggling before school

and before church on Wednesday nights.

And when they both look my way, I am amazed at how similar their eyes are.
Henry also has the same eyes. 
My eyes are a deep blue and David's are hazel, but these kiddos have their own eyes.

We've transitioned Henry out of his high chair with a tray to a chair that uses the tabletop.
We've also introduced the pocket bib, which has been a lifesaver at this age.
Harbor has taken to also wearing a bib to encourage Henry.
It is quite comical, but we are so glad Henry has a cheering section across the table!

The older Henry gets, the more he and Harbor enjoy playing.
They certainly have their fair share of squabbles, but for the most part,
they really play well together.
I'm so thankful they have one another!

I rarely post or discuss the daily chores that fill most of my day.
Mainly because they aren't near as cute {or fun!} as my kids,
but for my memory's sake, I'm still meal planning two weeks ahead.
It takes a considerable amount of time {especially the grocery shopping part!}
but, I can always see a huge difference in our budget when I do my part to plan for my family. 

Hollin is becoming more and more alert.
She is still nursing every three hours or so and her personality is really starting to shine!
I am so thankful for this daughter, this girl!
Who knew after two boys, my heart could still be stolen!
: )

Since Harbor is half day for Kindergarten at a local classical academy, 
we have long leisurely mornings around here.
The boys like to color together and now that Henry is starting a few simple lessons with me,
I'm thankful that Harbor is there to sit with us.
Henry likes to be where Harbor is!

I recently had a friend from church, Pamela, and her kiddos over for some Fall crafts.
We had a good time with the kids.

And though I say every stage of babyhood is my favorite, I really, really like the two month mark.
The smiles and first coos are such a motivating force here!
One little smile from Hollin and we all clap and cheer!
: )

We had our Christmas card photo shoot two weekends ago.
I was very appreciative of my friend, Melissa, whose husband works with David, as she offered to take our pictures. I took a few for her also and was more than happy to return the favor.
Nothing beats a real person behind the camera!
{No tripod! Yay!}

And a sneak peek of a favorite of Daddy and Hollin we got during our session .

David spent many evenings with the kids this October sewing up costumes.

And Henry and I, while Harbor is at school, spent many afternoons having one-on-one time.

He is SUCH a ham, y'all.
Harbor is quiet and introverted and serious.
Henry is hammy and loud and relaxed.
I love them both, but they are so different.
What perfect kids the Lord has blessed us with!

If I posted all the thumb sucking pictures I have of Miss, you'd shake your head and sigh right along with me.

The boys never- and I mean- never, ever sucked their thumbs. 
Not in the hospital, not at night, not if they lost their pacis.

Hollin, on the other hand, is a bona fide thumb sucker.
I'm taking her thumb out whenever I see it, but she is a hoot!
{poor girl!}

Love these kids!
My heart is so full!
I am in awe that I am their mommy.
How lucky I am!

And lastly, Harbor decorated pumpkin cookies this October.
Well, actually, he squeezed icing all over them and ate them,
but, at our house, we call that decorating!

In other news, things are busier than ever as David was named Plant Supervisor over several departments.

He is working a tad bit longer hours {5:45 am in the office and home by 5:30 pm} and now has a company phone and company laptop glued to his hip for all the calls and emails and personnel he has to keep up with.
He had these things before as an engineer, but we can definitely see the shift in change.

Those reasons make me feel more determined than ever to continue cooking good meals and menu planning.
This family of mine deserves the quiet time and a good dinner more than ever.

And let's face it...
we all need it at the end of a long, busy day!

How are you?
Anything new?
: )

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  1. fun to see a fellow mama to 3 and how you're balancing the crazy, but wonderful life of three little ones. God has blessed you indeed!