Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Didn't Cook Once

This past week, I hit 20 weeks in the pregnancy.
I'm feeling really great and thankful to be past the icky weeks of morning sickness.

And as the title implies, I didn't cook not even once the holiday weekend.

We ordered pizza and had it delivered, we ate breakfast at a cafe downtown.
We had lunch at Ikea, several fast food joints, and David cooked a bunch.

It was a nice break for me to not be in the kitchen.
One morning, Harbor and David shredded potatoes to make
homemade hash browns and skillet omelets.

They were yummy.

He made BLT's with garden tomatoes, chicken stir fry from scratch,
and took me to McDonald's for Dirt Coke runs.
His cooking was my favorite part of the weekend.
: )

We also did quite a bit of shopping.
Ikea for nursery items: new drapes, a dresser, and a crib bumper.

While we were at Joann Fabrics, I picked up a Fall Bingo game. 

We played many times as a family.

And a few of you messaged me about  Harbor's Brain Quest Cards.
This is what they look like.
Different colored boxes indicate different levels.

The questions are formatted similar to this.

With the answers immediately following.

My day today will be spent folding four baskets of clean laundry.
I'm not sure how three people can accumulate such mountainous laundry, but apparently
I took a break from laundry as well as cooking over the holiday weekend.
: )
It was a great decision on my part.
I loved time with my family.


  1. Love the Brainquest cards. Makes it so much more fun for the little ones to learn. Congrats to you that you didn't have to cook. We moms all need a week like that sometimes!!

  2. A no cooking weekend or week even sounds amazing! I saw they had brain quest cards for kids as young as 2!

  3. What a great weekend! I'm glad to hear you are feeling good. The weeks seem to be going by so quickly!

  4. I have always loved David's cooking so I know you & Harbor ate really good if David made it,ha... Thats great that Harbor is hanging out in the kitchen with daddy David so he can also learn to cook & makes good memories for them both.I love that little bingo game Harbor got with different Halloween squares on it. I know that gave you all good memories of of spending time together as a family, better fit as many of those kind of days in with little Henry coming. You all will be so busy doing different kinds of stuff so there won't be allot of free time to just play a game of bingo. I noticed that you had a new post out here on fb book so I hurried on over,ha....Give Harbor William a hug & kiss from Poppy & Gigi. Love you...Mom

  5. You look great! and very happy! So fun to have time all together at home. My David has been off all week and it has been so fun!