Friday, August 31, 2012

Belts and Beans

Thanks to Pinterest, I stayed up after my boys went to sleep one night and whipped up a cute new belt.

I've not worn it yet, but am thinking this long weekend might be a fun time to debut it somewhere.
David has three days off from work, which never, ever happens.
If you've been reading my blog for any length of time,
you know how many hours and days he works.
Needless to say, this belt just screams,
"You're off for three days! Let's celebrate!"
: )

Our garden is still full of life and making lots of veggies.
In fact, the tomatoes appear to be coming on at unprecedented rate.
I'm thinking I may need to pull out my mason jars and can as many as I can.
In the meantime,
pasta salad with nothing but
noodles, fresh tomatoes, Salad Supreme seasoning, and homemade Italian dressing
are a staple around here. 

Thank you for all of your kind words regarding the newest little member of our family!
Harbor is very excited to welcome a little brother in just a few short months.
He has taken to calling my growing baby bump, "Moses."
We're not sure where this is coming from, other than church, but it is pretty comical.

Harbor has really come  a long way this summer in his "preschool" at home with me.

He is starting to read and has memorized around twenty basic sight words.
We both really enjoy the Brainquest kindergarten cards
{we bought ours at Sam's Club}
They are based mainly on logic and reasoning,
but I am a huge fan! We love the format of the questions.
He has also taken a new interest in volcanoes.

He talks about them nonstop
and from his Brainquest cards, he has learned words like:
magma, crust, lava

As a result, he and David set up a "volcano" in the swimming pool one evening.
It was a fun hands-on treat for Harbor after dreaming for so long about volcanoes.
: ) 

To buy a few minutes of time to work in the kitchen or check emails,
these mixed beans, a glue picture, and a tray sure keep him busy!

I'm not sure how we will spend this long holiday weekend, but am looking forward
to having David home with us.

We have discussed going to the beach and painting the nursery.
But with SEC football starting today,
I'm sure David has plans of his own that
involve the television and a bowl of popcorn.
: ) 


  1. Super cute belt! Do you have any names picked out yet? Enjoy your three day weekend!

  2. I am lovin' the belt! Super cute! I love all of your projects! I know you are so excited to have David home this weekend!

  3. That is really cute Jessica. I know you enjoy crafty as much as I do, helps to just have your brain think about other stuff like crafts & it helps to unwind & relax. Harbor looks so different in that photo with his polo shirt on, very tall & skinny. I think he is going to be a very tall man when he stops growing since he is so tall just to be 3 1/2 yrs old. I look forward to asking Harbor how daddy David made that volocano go off in his swimming pool,ha....all boys love to blow stuff up,ha.....Give Harbor a hug & kiss from Poppy & Gigi. Seems like its been along time since we have been together, love you :)

  4. Have a great weekend! Cute belt, and I love the bean idea.

  5. What a smart little man harbor is, that is incredibly awesome. What a honor for you as his mom to teach him! So glad to hear you are feeling good and I love the belt. I haven't mastered making flowers like that yet. Going to have to look that up for sure :0) Y'all have a great weekend and enjoy your precious time together!