Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday and Baby

This week I celebrated my birthday.
Thanks to all who messaged or sent cards.
Turning 31 has been a very exciting time!

This picture marks week 23.
To date, I've gained a total of seven pounds
and have been feeling pretty energized.

Harbor wanted to help make lunch one day last week,
so we made pigs in a blanket.

We ate them at the bar on the new place mats
my mom had shipped out to us from Arkansas.

This past week I also finished up all the paper and ribbon cutting for
our MOPS craft at church.
We made these mini binder clip frames to hold the dates of all of our upcoming
MOPS meetings.
: )

The steering team from MOPS came over to our house for a final meeting to make
sure we had everything ready to go. One sweet girl brought cupcakes for my birthday!
How I go from having absolutely no friends in this state, to having friends with cupcakes
is such a blessing! Only the Lord, I tell you, can bless like that!

Harbor received a package from Arkansas this week full of Halloween and
Thanksgiving craft supplies. He takes a bit after me in that area-
he is happiest when he is "doing" and "making" something.
We are thankful as his little hands have been very busy with new projects!

Last night was our first MOPS meeting.
I didn't decorate the main tables- so many of you have been asking me that- but
I was in charge of the craft and craft table and took the pictures for our MOPS directory.
It is nice to have a team with so much talent.

We have so many exciting activities in the next few months:

Harbor and I are making a trip home to Arkansas for a baby shower by way of the commuter train
out of Chicago's Union Station soon, we plan on taking a family trip back to Arkansas for Thanksgiving, and perhaps {fingers crossed!} my entire Arkansas crew will be spending Christmas with us here in Detroit!

Lots to look forward to!
Including this ever growing baby bump of mine.
: )


  1. So happy to see Harbor William, he is getting taller every photo I see of him & changing in his looks, he does look different. Maybe its because I haven't seen him in awhile, I had to count it up but its been over 3 months since we have been together. Can't wait too see you & Harbor. I have Harbor's goodie snack bag packed,ha...Dad is eating Harbor's grapes tonight I brought him at the store but I thought I'd better let Dad eat them cause I can get more,ha...seeing as Dad paid for them & all. But really they were for Harbor William,ha.....I love to see the place matts I got you on your bar in the kitchen. When I first saw them I thought of you & the green strips on your dining room wall was same color. I got them at shop that granny works at, you know we love that place. So glad Harbor is enjoying all the cool craft stuff. I thought it all was really fun & good varity of crafts for different hoildays coming up. Can't wait to see you & Harbor, give you both big hug & kiss. Poor David & Bichon the dog, I guess they will carry on with out you too,ha....Mom

  2. You look fantastic! Loved your craft table. It looked awesome! Harbor is growing so much! He is such a cutie!

  3. Jess, you are honestly one of the most adorably pregnant women I know. So sweet! (and and I LOVE those little mice on your stairs! Where are they from?)

    I'm glad you and Harbor had a great week and you got to celebrate your birthday with your sweet friends! Those pigs in a blanket looked yummy and I love all of his crafts! I'm the same as you in that I'm obsessed with crafts!

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. You look fabulous Jessica! It also looks like you all have really settled into life in Detroit. Harbor is still such a handsome little boy. Blessings

  5. Awww, is there anything better than friends with cupcakes?? Looks like you're doing well! I can't wait to "meet" your new little one!