Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Wind Down

As we were heading out to church on Sunday,
 I had David snap a picture of me to document week 17.

I am currently 18 weeks and have gained a total of 5 pounds.
Our big ultrasound is on Monday.
Please pray with us for a healthy little one. : )

While all of my Arkansas friends are back in school,
we are still having summer here in Michigan.
School starts in September {in two more weeks}and we are enjoying
lots of low key days at home.

This is the start of my second year to be home full time as opposed to teaching 5th grade.
While I miss it and enjoy looking back through my blog at my classroom pictures
every year for open house, I love being home full time.

While I folded laundry upstairs this week,
Harbor worked on a new puzzle in our bedroom sitting room.
Laundry in this 1928 house is quite daunting:
laundry room on the lower 3rd level of the house and bedrooms on the top floor
mean two different sets of steep staircases to navigate.
Thankfully, David does the heavy lifting and I just wash and fold. : )

Having your camera ready at all times means catching early morning giggles.
I purposely turned my flash off to capture Harbor in motion, zooming around.
I wish I had his energy!
: )

Just today, Harbor asked to sit on our bed for a picture.

But after a few shots, he had other plans.

Mainly, fort building with mommy's fun pillows.

{Please don't comment on how long Harbor's legs look in this picture. Sniff, sniff!}

He was calling the Hogs as he was jumping.
Thata' boy!
: )

We've baked a few cookies....

I've had a MOPS meeting here at our home and am
really excited about serving on our church's leadership team
this year concerning this ministry.
Being a mom, whether working outside the home or not {I've done both }
is a challenging job with no rest for the weary, and I'm looking forward to helping mom's connect.
I'm in charge of the ladies' craft time- so much fun!

And just look at these three beautiful zucchinis freshly picked from our garden!
Now I need to decide what to make with them.....
Any ideas?
: )


  1. Mmmmm the first thing I thought about when I saw your picture was zucchini bread! Yummy!! You look beautiful! I can't wait to find out if Harbor is getting a brother or sister. I pray everyday for your little baby to be healthy. I am so excited and happy for you guys!

  2. You look great! Will pray your scan goes perfect!

  3. You look great! Praying for healthy visit Monday. Make zucchini bread:)

  4. you look great and i'll praying for a healthy report!!!

  5. Praying for you sweet friend!

  6. So excited for you. Google zucchini boats on Skinny taste. Really good and healthy!

  7. Pregnancy agrees with you. So pretty. MOPS will be so much fun for you and I can't wait to see all the crafts you do. Praying for you!

  8. You look great Jessica!! I can't believe our little guys are almost 4! I pray everything goes smoothly for your sweet little baby.

  9. You look great! :). Zucchini bread sounds so good! Even stir-fry. :). I thought of you yesterday. I went to my first Hobby Lobby! !!! Wow! I loved it. So many great pieces and so reasonable too!