Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good and Perfect Gift

I am wrapping up week 18.
This pregnancy is flying by so quickly.
Though I have not felt fabulous, I am a bit sad to see it pass in such a hurry.
With Harbor, I think I posted maybe maybe four or five
"maternity" type pictures total.
Most of them were from my baby showers.

I'll admit that I'm not much into belly shots.

That being said, with friends and family so far away,
I know they appreciate seeing the new developments week to week.

Tomorrow is our big ultrasound.
Above all, we are praying for a healthy baby;
for God in heaven to find favor with this good and perfect gift from Him,
for blessings of health and strength and vitality.

I know it is every parent's prayer as they approach this stage of pregnancy.

But an even greater prayer, is to trust in Him.
To believe He has quilted our family plan to His specifications.

Any guesses?
: )


  1. You look wonderful Jessica & just glowing being pg. I think its a girl but really would love a little brother for Harbor to grow up with but whatever God gives you,David & Harbor we all will have to make it work. I guess we will figure out how to do little girl since all the toys & clothes have been boys for along time now. Look forward to hearing your BIG news. You know your mommys text #, ha.....Miss & love you all :)

  2. will be thinking and praying for you jessica . just because you said guess i'm going to go with girl i so picture you with a little girl but yes all that matters is that it is healthy. Was just in Detroit this past thru at the Detroit zoo best zoo loved it and so did the kids

  3. Praying for you and your family! What a precious gift God has blessed and entrusted your family with. I'm going to guess....a boy.

  4. Praying for a healthy baby! I'm going with a girl too! When I was pregnant with Shelby I didn't feel well either, not so with my boys. So I think pink will be in order. :).

  5. I think you look wonderful!! You are glowing, for sure!! I will have to go with girl, just by the way you are carrying, even though that may not matter. Good luck tomorrow and hope everything goes well.

  6. How beautiful- you are glowing! :) I am praying for your ultrasound tomorrow. Congrats on your growing sweet little bundle of joy!

  7. Oh goodness, you look beautiful! I am just beside myself, so excited for you! I will be saying big prayers for your ultrasound tomorrow. I know I was a nervous wreck at every one. I'm thinking you're due for a girl, but I just know you'll be ecstatic no matter what!

  8. continued prayer for a perfect and healthy baby and for a healthy mommy too. For some reason I just have this feeling it's a boy. :0) No matter what it is though it will be blessed to be a part of such a sweet little family!