Saturday, August 11, 2012

Four Months

I am about four months {16 weeks} and feeling more energetic with each passing day.
Baby flutters are becoming more and more common.
My mind is beginning to turn to nursery decorating.
A trip to Ikea may be in order soon. : )

We have spent our second Michigan summer enjoying a lot of down time.
We have spent a few afternoons swimming and Harbor  really enjoys the water.

Summertime is not my favorite season, but I am enjoying the easy care-free days.
I am looking forward to Fall and walking the downtown with a scarf wrapped around my neck.

In fact, the weather has turned off cool here the last few days {upper 70's} and yesterday, I wore a long sleeved shirt. It was pretty blissful. We are hoping for more cool days and a chance to head outdoors without sweating as much as we have been here lately.

Our garden has taken off! We are officially having a hard time eating what we pick everyday.
We average 20 cherry tomatoes a day, which are easy eats, but 15 cucumbers a day means we have been giving much away to friendly neighbors.

It feels nice to pick our snacks fresh everyday.
Harbor and I both enjoy veggies for breakfast in our eggs or on bread for lunch.

We have received around five care packages this summer, and Harbor always looks forward
to the little treats and trinkets he can unwrap.

We recently took him to Toys R Us and he chose the game Mousetrap.
Though he doesn't always want to play it by the rules, he enjoys making up little games on his own for trapping mice.

A few upcoming events weighing on my mind make winter seem much closer:

1. Harbor turns four this November. Moving 1,000 miles from friends and family means no more big birthday bashes, which makes me sad because there is nothing I love more than a big party. However, I love the challenge of making the day special and have a few ideas for Harbor's 4th.

2. I have decided on a theme for my Christmas cards. When I taught full time, I always made the bulk of them in the summer since I had the time off. That habit is still ingrained in me, for sure. I've not yet ordered paper, but I know the direction I am heading in.

3. I have been asked to lead the craft portion for our women at church in our MOPS program this Fall. I am really excited about the chance to meet other ladies and serve in some capacity.

4. David is as busy as ever with work and has only had three days off in the last three weeks. Harbor and I miss him, but do what we can to make his time at home easy and relaxing. As a treat to himself, David bought a Harley a few months back and has enjoyed riding it to work. When the weather gets bad, I know he will miss it. We enjoy hearing the rumble of pipes at the end of the day and rush to the window when he comes home to wave. : )

5. This school year marks the second year I have stepped out of teaching to stay home full time. I love being Harbor's "first" teacher and have no doubt I am doing what is right for our family, but this time of year makes me daydream. My very first group of students graduate from high school this year. I love knowing I was a part of their education.

6. With a new baby due in January, my mind can only conjure heavy Michigan snow and whirling winds.
Perhaps placing the rocking chair by a big window in the nursery to watch the snow fall in sheets is exactly what I need this winter so far from home.

I hope all is well with you!


  1. You look you're glowing with happiness!
    The garden veggies look so delicious. I imagine where you live you will have harvest until the first frost. Here in Oklahoma everyone's gardens are burning up from the extreme heat.


  2. congrats been thinking about you alot. Espically as we crossed into Port Huron and Detroit and back on our holidays. So very happy for you and thinking and praying for you and you look absoultely goregous and glowing

  3. I can not wait to see what you do with a girl nursery! It will be spunky and beautiful no doubt!

  4. Love eading your posts! So happy for your family! We live in Florida, and I think there is no end to this Summer in sight....

  5. Hi Jessica- you look beautiful!!! Garden is gorgeous, you must be getting more rain than we are in Arkansas. Everything is dried up and dead here. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  6. Loved seeing all your photos Jessica. And I look forward to finding out what your new baby will be, you know I will need to make some girly brub cloths,ha!!!!! Just what I'm thinking that baby will be :) soon I know,ha........Miss & love you all. Mom

  7. You look gorgeous, Friend! Glad you are taking some time to relax and enjoy the summer.

  8. I can't believe I missed the announcement! Congratulations, so happy for you!!

  9. YEAH for four months!!!!!!! That's awesome---can't wait to continue to see the months count down;) And I totally know what you mean about birthdays away from family---we have always lived away from our family and it makes me sad at time that we don't have anyone else to celebrate with, we work really hard as the two parents to make that day special! So excited for you!


  10. Love the picture of you! You look so happy and I am so happy for you!

  11. You look beautiful! Cant wait to see nursery designs:)

  12. Congrats on the pregnancy. I am expecting a little girl myself in October. New follower here and just started blogging again at a new blog this past weekend. Your son is adorable!

  13. Your backyard looks so refreshing! I bet Harbor is in the pool often. :)