Sunday, January 15, 2012

Worm Hill

Today is the first day in the last three days that we haven't had snow falling, so Harbor and I bundled up to check out the neighborhood for a few minutes.

Our neighborhood is really such a picturesque place to spend our days.

Tree lined streets, historic homes, and snow blowers.

I still can't get over how close the houses here are, but it is growing on me. The last house we owned was one we custom built,and we purchased an acre lot. Quite a change! Ha!

Snow days mean less running around, less time at the library, and less shopping outings. To fill our time, we play lots of games. Harbor is also at the age now where he likes to help fold laundry, unload the dishwasher, and vacuum the floors. I hope he continues to think those activities are "fun!" Ha!

In order to get dinner started, Harbor played "Worms in the Worm Hill" {pipe cleaners in a strainer}, and this game is one he plays a lot. He asks for the "worms" several days a week. I like to keep it up out of his reach and only pull it out when I need to do something alone, like chop veggies or boil water. It keeps him busy for a good half hour and I can get a few things done.

I try not to blog very often about the many packages and boxes we receive from friends and family because I know that can get boring fast, but I want to make sure our loved ones know how much we appreciate them! Living 1,000 miles from home can make getting a simple card a reason to dance! : ) For example, a week after Christmas, one of my very best friends in Arkansas mailed a darling vase and a new Coach purse- super generous of her! We never want to take for granted the love of our family!

Thanks for the generous care packages!
Harbor spent the next few days working all his new puzzles and reading books!

I've been spending much of my days cooking.
Between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, I seem to live in the kitchen. But not teaching full time has given me a chance to really get comfortable cooking, and I'm grateful for that. About a week ago, I started snapping pictures of our daily meals. I'm considering posting them with the recipes.

I'm not a gourmet chef by any means, but I'm like you- trying to make a delicious dinner every night without killing myself in the process! Would you be interested in having me share some of our "staple" meals, the ones that David requests, or I fall back on as tried-and-true?

Gotta go! Our peanut butter blossoms are ready to eat! : )


  1. Yes! Please tell us about food recipes.

  2. Loved the pictures of all of the snow! They reminded me of my home in the Green Mountain State and how much I miss snow days! England tends to be cold and rainy in the winters, so I hardly every see the white puffy stuff. I'm very excited to enjoy it next winter when the hubby and I move back across the Atlantic! Being an English boy he's never seen 3 feet of it, so I'm looking forward to his shock! haha

    Like Ali, I vote YES to your recipes! I recently did a post where I shared 7 of my favorite (and ones that friends had been asking about) and I think I'm going to make it a routine thing - every couple of months blog tried and tested recipes I recommend. I'd love to hear yours too! :)

  3. I would love to see your recipes! I get tired of cooking the same things over and over.

  4. Yes, please do blog about what you make and the recipes! I am enjoying the shift in your blog to more homemaking since that is the season of life you are in and that is where I am as well! (Not that I haven't always enjoyed your blog, but I still just seem to relate more with our boys so close in age and both of us being at home with them.) I am really enjoying these posts, so please do share your ideas and recipes!

  5. I know your fav recipes will be yummy, so please share! Feel free to grab any from my blog- Loving my Duggar's detergent!

  6. I have to try the pipe cleaner activity! That's a great one! Do post your recipes. I would love to see them! Your care packages are awesome.

  7. Tell us about all of them! And also how you keep the toy clutter away!

    As I was looking at the pictures, Asher said, "Ash-er" when he saw a picture of Harbor. I said, no that Harbor and he said, "Hi, Harbor!"

  8. Harbor with those pipe cleaners are the funniest thing ever. Very creative. Did Harbor think of that on his own or something you thought of? I'm so glad that those care packages from home make you never forget that you,Harbor & David are loved & missed so much. I see Harbor found those juice boxes,ha!!! And Bichon isn't too far away. I bet she thinks if she hangs out closely she might get a treat,ha!!!I'm so happy that Harbor enjoys the new toys. They really aren't brand new toys just new to Harbor. If you know me at all you know that I love to go to thrift shops & see what good deal I might find plus stretch the money to go alittle bit further.Harbor doesn't care that the toys aren't brand new they are just new too him. Also helps Harbor have plently to do since you guys have to be home bound allot of the time with the snow & hard winters up north. Plus I'm a Gigi now,ha!!!!The neighborhood is so pretty anyway but the snow makes it look just macigal. Give Harbor a kiss & hug from Poppy & Gigi. I'll try to skype you tommorrow. I've got homework to get done, but its all good :) Love you Jessica...MOM

  9. love the "worms in a strainer" idea! I'll have to tuck that away for later :)

    My boys love "the bear snores on" too. It's so fun to read!

  10. Jessica,

    I love to read your blog! You are such inspiration! I would love it if you would share your recipes and pictures. I work full time and have two small children, so I would really enjoy seeing what you like to cook!

    Kim Dempsey

    P.S.---I am a southerner too! I live in Alabama.

  11. Please share your recipes. I am in a funk lately about what to make for dinner, so new ideas are appreciated!