Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finding the One

When my parents made their trip to see us in September, we agreed to have a photo shoot so each family could begin the process of eliminating, debating, and deciding on a Christmas card picture. It was the same day we drove into Windsor, Canada to sight-see, so we had a time constraint, but still managed to take around 500 pictures {how is that possible??}

These pictures are all straight out of the camera, but you can imagine how time consuming it was to narrow 500 down to even 50.

I wanted to show you a few favorites {and outtakes!} from that day.

{and in case you're curious, I chose the roll of wrapping paper  for my cards first and then decided on outfits.
 I just work better going backwards like that.}

But, alas, this one was the winner!

The photo shoot took around three hours, give or take. Harbor kept giving us big smiles, but we had a bag of tricks. Mainly, balloons.
My dad was always in the background, blowing them up and letting them jet out of his hands, soaring just above the camera lens.

A few of them made appearances. 

But I held my ground.

All in the name of a great picture, right?
: )


  1. The last picture is my favorite!

  2. I love these! How fun! You guys look fantastic! Your parents make such a lovely couple.

  3. I love the last picture!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Haha! That last picture is the best! Adorable pictures, what an adorable family!
    P.S. Love your shoes!

  5. These are so cute and I love your Christmas card!!!

  6. Now why was that last one not on your card? Ha!!

  7. Ha Ha--the balloon pictures are hilarious! Photo shoots are WORK! Such a beautiful family!

  8. These were great. I love it that David is so patient. Scott will take photos but after the camera shoots he immediately steps away like just 1 shot is going to get it... ha ha

  9. That last one made me laugh out loud again. Yes, photo shoots are alot of work but so worth it too even get just two photo to choose from but we got allot of good ones that it made it hard to narrow it down & our reward was a trip to Canada & allot of good memories & just being together doing nothing but just being together. I miss you guys so much & love you too. Skype is wonderful but doesn't make up for being togehter. Give Harbor a hug & kiss for Poppy & Gigi.

  10. Jessica-I LOVE your blog!!!! I think you have such creative ideas and I have enjoyed watching your transition to Detroit. Keep the projects coming!!!!

  11. your moms hair looks great! So do you girl!