Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Asked!

{* Lynn, I'll answer your question from the comments here. : ) To hang the wreath you made, I just used a piece of blue painter's tape and stuck the ribbon to the back of the picture. I hope that helps!}

Thank you for all the kind messages regarding the house! It has been fun to share this journey with so many of you, friends and family alike.
I've received a few emails and Facebook messages regarding several projects, so I thought I'd do a short post since you asked.

I didn't take very many pictures of my Christmas card holders as I assembled them, but I do have a few. Some of you asked about them. I bought the trees at Hobby Lobby marked down to a few dollars a piece. The tag on them is actually a sail boat picture, so I'm assuming they were meant to be boat crafts.

I used paper and Mod Podge to cover them.

I had help, of course. : )

I then covered lots and lots of clothespins using double stick tape.

I made a hole in the bottom layer of paper for the tree and covered the stand, as well.

I plugged up my glue gun and glued the clips to the backside.

I made circle tags that told what they were and put that they were from the McCash Family. These I clipped right at the top. I avoided using gift bags or having to wrap them.
With the little tags, I just directly passed them out.

They won't hold all of your cards, but it is a fun way to showcase a few favorites. : )

I had lots of questions about the Christmas tree swags David made a few years ago, so when I took all of our Christmas decor down, I made sure to take a few pictures of them.

David used these long beaded garlands to zip tie the ornaments to. If you can't find these, just use deco mesh or even greenery type garland.

We have a few extra that I use in other decorations, but you can see a side by side comparision.

They are a good 2-3 feet long.

David used zipties to arrange the ornaments.

Moving down the graland, he ziptied them in a cascade.

They look great draped on the tree- easy to put up and take down!

I blogged briefly about my tree skirt some three years ago, but I wanted to tell you about it again, just because it is such a cheap way to get a great skirt!
This is the bottom of an old foo-foo prom dress, ripped off at the seams!

Because of the tulle and layering, it makes a great rounded tree skirt!
So, the next time you see a big ol' white wedding dress with a great skirt at a thrift store for like $20.00, snag it up, take it home, and rip that big skirt off! : )

Cheap and pretty! One of a kind!
{Can you see the ornament garland swags?}

We have been pretty low key around here for the last week or so. In fact, yesterday was the first day Harbor and I had left the house in about a week. We went to a thrift store, out to eat for lunch just the two of us, to the library, to the park by the pier, and then met David after work for Chinese.

We are still enjoying new Christmas toys and having lots of fun playing games and reading new books. I've been baking a lof of goodies {blueberry muffins for David to take to work and thumprint cookies with grape jelly. Thanks for the recipe, Liz!}

I have, however finished my Valentine's Day shelves! Harbor knows when I take one holiday down that another is coming and he says, "Mommy, what we doing up there next time?"  : )

We work on them together, so it is a fun activity for us both!

A little preview...

Have you started any Valentine crafts yet?


  1. Your tree is beautiful! What a great idea for a tree shirt! Looking forward to seeing your Valentine decorations.


  2. Oh yes! Here in r home, we have hearts hanging from sticks and are starting pillow covers tomorrow! Hopefully once the laundry room goes back together the kitchen table can be decorated as well! I can't wait to see your shelves :o)

  3. Those are fabulous ideas! I love the tree Christmas card holder! Your ornament swags are fabulous! I will have to try that. Thanks so much for your prayers for Mady. They worked and she is much better.

  4. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

    I had a quick question that I hope you can help me with please!! I made the coffee wreath ornament and want to hang it over a mirror. How did you attach it over your picture? Did you nail the ribbon to the wall or the back of your picture frame?

    Thanks so very much!!

  5. I see your little creative mind is thinking ahead already for the next up coming hoilday. Harbor will grow up thinking about what he can make for the next hoilday,ha!!!! His wife will enjoy hearing all the fun he had growing up with a mommy that loved to do crafts. I love too see Harbor in his pjams on your photos. And those swags you made for Christmas are wonderful something you'd see in a high style magazine. Give Harbor a kiss & hug from Poppy & Gigi. We love you all :) MOM

  6. I love thumbprint cookies! I just made some raspberry almond ones I found on pinterest...YUMMY!

  7. Thank you so much for letting me know! You are so sweet and thoughtful to make sure I saw the post!

    Wish me luck! I so enjoy all your ideas and crafts! Harbor is a lucky boy to be able to share such fun times with you!

    Thank you again!!

  8. your tree is gorgeous! love the swags! i have found so many neat craft ideas on pinterest for vday that i'm excited about. sadly, i cannot create these on my own, i have to steal others :)

  9. The trees are very cute! A few days ago I started working on valentine cards for the class i work with!

  10. I love those card holders! I made a display with mine in our entry way, but they kept falling over! I may have to get creative next year.

  11. I LOVE the swag idea! I'm going to have to remember that one! I'm beginning to think of Valentines for Asher's class.

    Quick question, Did David have to use special paint for the bricks on the fireplace?

    We don't have school on MLK, so we have the day off! Even teachers...Yeah! So, I'm thinking of starting the huge project of creating a focal wall in the living. We shall see how it goes! Tell Harbor, Asher says "HI!"

  12. Jessica, I just love reading your posts. You're SO creative and crafty! You're like a walking version of Pinterest! Haha!

    If your Valentine's Day decorations are anything like your Christmas ones, they're going to be gorgeous. I look forward to seeing them! :)

    Take good care xoxo

  13. I stumbled across your blog about a year ago and I LOVE following your craftiness. I'm almost finished with the coffee filter wreath and can't wait to see what you do for Valentine's Day