Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loving these Lazy Days

We have been enjoying our visit with Rachel immensely! I have cooked a homemade breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and have found I'm rediscovering my love for cooking.
While I taught and worked out of the home, cooking was not high on my bucket list. In fact, it typically made me want to kick the bucket.

I've made omelets, candied apples, croissant breakfast sandwiches, and poppy seed muffins with lemon glaze.

I made a quiche today for brunch from scratch and it was really yummy on a cold Michigan morning.

Rachel and Harbor have made snowmen out of cotton balls and snowflakes to hang.

The next three days are going to be wild. There is no other word for it.
We wake early tomorrow morning with birth certificates and passports to cross the border and spend a day in Canada at Niagara Falls. We have never been and are excited to see something new and beautiful. We then have a trip to Arkansas the next day. Lots of drive time!

We have visited the library, strolled the arched bridges at  Elizabeth Park, shopped for clothes together, rented three movies, made cookies, and Rachel toured a Victorian home today built in the 1890's. We've slept in late, stayed up late, and worn pajamas all day for two whole days.

Harbor and Rachel have also spent many hours on the couch together.

Tonight, we celebrated Jesus's birthday with our little family and Rachel.

And the day after we return from Niagara, we load for the 17 hour drive to Arkansas. We have a full week to spend this time, and David has been able to swing a week vacation to stay with us. He is so thankful for the time off as he has been working hard for months and months on various projects and for clients.

Looking forward to reporting back with some pretty waterfall pictures! If you happen to think of us tomorrow, please pray for safe travels across the border and back!


  1. Have fun tomorrow! That will be so neat! Praying for a safe and wonderful time!

  2. I love your pictures! Have fun! Praying for a safe trip!

  3. Will be praying for your trip South...

  4. I just love all your photos, you will never be sorry you took the time to take them. As time passes it helps to help us remember. I brought a green pepper at the store today hopeing you might make me a yummy omelet when you come home,ha!!!I can't wait to hear all about Niagara Falls, I bet it will be one of our newest places to vist. And I think Harbor William just might need his own phone now. He is really into whatever he is doing on Rachel's phone,ha!!!Can't wait to see you all. Just hope poor David can keep awake thats allot of driving, love & miss you guys...Mom

  5. i hope you had a wonderful trip to canada, and without any hiccups.

    the snowman cards are adorable!! love your tree!! food looks yummy too! :)

    safe travels to AR!

  6. JEssica - Just wondering where you got your cute jammies? I love them!

  7. I enjoyed the post & loved all the pictures of the people I loveeeee! Miss you all. Cathy