Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Shelves

Decorating for the holidays has always been fun, but after having children, I feel like it becomes something more special altogether.
Harbor, David, and I are all enjoying the changing of the seasons, and since Valentine's Day is in February, these Christmas shelves may be here to stay for a bit longer. : )

And for fun, here are the shelves from holidays past.

And then my picture taking was cut short for a cookie break. Double Layered Oreos, that is.

What a great idea, Harbor! Mommy was hungry after all that work!


  1. Of course everything looks wonderful. I just love Harbor's sweet little face with those oreo cookies. Gigi will have to remember to pick up a package of oreo's too have at my house for Christmas just in case Harbor & mommy needs one,ha!!!I can't wait to get your Christmas card in the mail so I can read the letter. I will reap it open at the mailbox & slowly walk back to the house as I read it,ha!!! Well, unless its raining or snow, I don't want to get the photo wet. Give HW a kiss & hug from Poppy & Gigi. MOM

  2. I love your decorations! And Harbor is too cute!! Have you finished up all of your Christmas cards?

  3. Hey girl. I've started a little bit of a snowman collection. A couple of years ago a friend mentioned that Jan. is a bit depressing in the North because the Christmas decorations come down but it's to early for Valentine's Day so she does snowmen in Jan. They're fun and cheerful and it makes everything less bare after you bring down Christmas.