Monday, December 12, 2011

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Rachel flew into Detroit Saturday night, and we wasted no time hitting a great restaurant on the Detroit River with a scenic view, driving through our neighborhood to see Christmas lights, and making a small road trip up the eastern coast of Michigan to see the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse in Port Huron.
Rachel has been pumping me full of praise and compliments- mainly about how great the house looks and the guestroom, craft room and playroom- which might make me brave enough to actually photograph the basement.

Harbor loves having a new playmate as we stay fairly isolated here for months on end.

We are having fun despite the cold, cold winter weather.

The buildings in the background are in Ontario, Canada. A big hello to my blog readers there! I wish we had the time to have stayed longer to meet! Maybe next time!  : )

We ate dinner downtown at a fancy Italian restaurant.
Rachel said it was the best pasta she had ever had, hands down.
I had to agree! Ahhh-mazing!

At home last night, Rachel read our nightly Advent book. It was fun to have her join in our traditions!

And before I forget, I wanted to share Harbor's Christmas tree in his room.

We have lots planned, so I will try to check back in with you {and all of our friends and family in Arkansas} soon!

If you want to see our last house in Arkansas decorated for Christmas, you can click on these two links for different years! It is a house we had custom built and can show you the difference we have experienced in housing moving from there to here! But, we sure do love the history and charm of this 1920's charmer!

Have a great week! Be merry!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love that Rachel gets to join in on your Christmas fun!

  2. Jessica,

    awe how nice to spend time with your family and a great friend. Thanks for stopping and saying hi to your Canadian friend. Again so neat to see my hometown in the background and would seriously love to meet you sometime. Wow even took a picture of a car from my hometown. I will need to look that lighthouse up and if we are down that way when its warm we will have to check it out. On our side in the spring till our thanksgiving you can have the best bridge fries.

  3. yea for cousins! Loved your christmas card and the breathtaking picture of the city on the inside!

  4. whats the name of the resturant we will have to try it out we love italian

  5. I love your post! So cool your cousin is there visiting! I know it is fun having family there. I enjoy the tour of the sites you are visiting!

  6. So pretty! I was thinking as I read this that I wish you were a little closer to Grand Rapids. I think you and my SIL would get along really well!

  7. Great beach photos!! Hard to tell that you guys were so cold because you look so happy. :)

    Glad you are having a fun visit with your cousin.

  8. Man oh man, Port Huron looks so cold now, so different than when we saw it this summer. I don't think I'd even try to get in the water now,ha!!!And whats up with all those sea shells, I guess the tide must have changed since there wasn't any sea shells when we were there, thats really wreid. I know Rachel enjoyed getting to see the sights around where you live now very different than what we see in Arkansas. I bet Harbor just loves his own little Christmas tree in his room. His getting old enough now to remember Christmas & the different places he is going too now.Did Harbor remember being at Port Huron before with Poppy & Gigi? You really should show off your basement, you & David have done so much work on it. Anyone that has ever had a basement would appreciate all the work.And might even give them ideas as to work they could do & make it real liveable space. I have a little Christmas tree for Harbor William in his room at Poppy & Gigi's house too,ha!!!!I'm going to let Harbor decorate it. I have little cars,trucks & tractors,ha!!!!That way Harbor might remember it more. Give Harbor & Rachel a kiss & hug for us & we will see you very soon, love you..... MOM

  9. These are beeeeautiful photos!
    I'm so behind on blogging!! I need to get caught up on everything!