Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for Arkansas

We planned the best surprise for my family in Arkansas! Everyone thought we were missing Thanksgiving lunch and coming in the next day due to David's work schedule. But, we cooked up a very tiring, but very fun surprise!

We decided to leave right after David got off of working a 10 hour day {he worked 5:00 am-4:00 pm}and drive all night long without stopping {15 hours} and show up right in time for lunch anyway! They had no clue!

We called my parents at 9:00 am {right off their driveway} and said we were just passing through Indianapolis and would see them 15 hours later. And then we had Harbor ring their doorbell! Hahaha! Oh, the look on their faces was priceless!

Then, we hid in a back bedroom and when all of our family showed up for lunch, my parents told them they found the neatest thing at a yard sale. Everyone came to the back room to see it and we jumped out! Oh, there were tears and screams! So much fun!

We have been exhausted, but it has been worth it for Harbor. After a full night's rest, we have decided that night driving may be the way to travel! Harbor slept 11 of the 15 hours. : )

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

After lunch at my granny's house, we went to see the lights around our downtown square, which are always so beautiful!

Hoping your Thanksgiving was filled with as much love as ours was.
If you laid all of our blessings out, they would stretch from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Detroit, Michigan. : )


  1. I bet it was so fun surprising your family like that! How awesome! Harbor is getting so tall! Hope you all have a wonderful trip back!

  2. We haven't tried night driving, but it might work for us too! That is a lot of hours, but it looks like it worked great for you guys. Are you coming back for Christmas?

  3. Wow what a wonderful blessing! I don't think I could do a all nighter again like that.

  4. What a wonderful surprise for your family! I was actually sitting here on Thanksgiving morning feeling badly for friends and my sister who are across the country and were without their families. I thought of you too. I'm so glad you got to enjoy some turkey with your family!

  5. What a beautiful family! I'm so glad you made it home for Thanksgiving! Have safe travels back to Detroit.