Thursday, September 8, 2011

Windsor, Canada {Harbor's 1st trip out of the U.S.A.}

After our trip to Port Sanilac, we decided a visit across the border was in order. We loaded up with passports {for my parents,} drivers' licenses {David and I only need to use our enhanced Michigan license to cross} and a birth certificate {for Harbor William.}

After passing through customs, we crossed the Ambassador Bridge. Its construction is very similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco as it is a suspension bridge that spans the length of the Detroit River.

We arrived in Windsor on a very chilly afternoon, ready for sightseeing, picture taking, and high hopes for a great dinner that night. We were anticipating seeing Detroit from across the river at nightfall
{full of lights and sparkles.} 

And there she was- Detroit, looming across the frigid waters, full of hustle and bustle. Her skyline was even more striking in Windsor. They have a great view of the United States.  : )

Canadian flags flew proudly on the river walk and we were proud to be Americans
{though the Canadian flag flew higher than the United States flag which was a sight to see as we were reminded of where we were!}

Harbor is just about the age I was when my family moved across the world for over three years to set up home in Nuremberg, Germany. I know Windsor, Canada is no comparison to my early life in Europe, but it will be fun to show Harbor the many experiences we had while making our home in Detroit. It certainly feels like we could be living in Germany... or Antarctica some days. Living from family is hard and it takes work and commitment.

We recognized our favorite benches and parks and lighthouse in Detroit from Windsor.
It was fun to see it from the other side.

My mom and I are so silly when we get together. It never fails. We love to take jumping pictures. I may not always post them, but rest assured when we are together, there is some jumping action happening.
We both revert to being 18 again.
{my 30th birthday is in two weeks! Eek! But my beautiful mom is in her 50's and just as limber and beautiful as ever!}

Her form is much better than mine. You win, mom.  : )

I love this picture of our family. It just captures us in this moment.

*David hard at work as a quality engineer in a city he doesn't know well, persevering for the success of his family.

*Harbor at two years old with no one to depend on but David and I, so full of life and energy.  

*And me. Trying to be the best and most supportive wife I can, home alone six days a week in a city larger than life, trying to prayerfully keep it all together for the sake of my little family.

This picture makes me smile at our bravery. Oh, what adventures we weave!

Harbor and I discovered some fanciful foliage above the river walk.

Seagulls are plentiful in Detroit {and Windsor}and we wake to their talking and crying everyday.

We traveled deeper into Windsor, along the coast of Lake St. Clair, which is nestled between the mouth of Erie and Huron. Harbor kept pointing to the map asking where we were. He reminds me so much of David.

After a little exploring along the coast, we headed back to Windsor's river walk for a wonderful dinner at The Keg. {I've linked it for you if you are looking for some good food and are from this area!}

Located on the water, overlooking Detroit's nightlife, it was the final curtain call to a fun filled night. Dinner was amazing, albeit pricey.

And as the night wore on, we knew it was time to head back into customs to cross into the states once again.

There was quite a long line and we were questioned about our intentions, our background, what brought us to Detroit, and even had the truck searched. But, alas, paperwork in order, we drove under the "Welcome to the United States" sign and drove the 20 minutes home.

 I laughed later and wondered aloud that we only live 20 minutes from Windsor through the crossing.
Can a girl feel any farther than home {Arkansas} that that?

It is true. Home is where the heart is. My heart is with my family.
This is just an adventure to be had for this time in our lives. And I plan on being adventurous while I can  : )

{Thank you for all the sweet comments on our last post! It has been so nice reading your emails and Facebook messages, as well as comments here. I've loved hearing from so many new readers. Many of you mentioned the Lake Huron pictures being pretty enough to use for Christmas cards, but we actually had our Christmas photo shoot a few days ago with my mom. I can't wait to show them to you!}


  1. Hi Jessica!
    I totally understand how hard it is to be so far away from your family. My mom at home in Arkansas and I'm in New York. Some days I just want to go to her house and hang out, but it's too far away. I only have 3 years and 9 months left in NY...Not that I'm counting...When I first moved here and lived in Manhattan it was a whole different ballgame that it is now living on Long Island. It's not my favorite place, but I know that I get to move back home in a few years and that's what keeps me motivated! I hope you had a great visit with your parents!

  2. Jessica,
    Your pictures are wonderful! How neat to live so close to Canada! Thanks so much for sharing you life with us.

  3. Your pictures are great!! It is so cool that you live to close to another country!

  4. Just curious....why are so many of your pictures "lop-sided"? I realize it is intentional, but what is the reasoning behind it?

  5. Oh, I LOVE this post and your attitude toward your new life!!

    You and your mom are so fun...what a great jumping picture!

  6. I'm so thankful that you are embraceing your new life & making the very best of it. I also think all the moving we did as you grew up in the military life style has shaped you into the independent women you are today. You always have made the best of where you are at & looked for the good in all things that you had to face, you really are a wonderful role model to young mothers everywhere that don't always have their family & friends close bye. I love all the pictures, now its all just memories & so glad you & Harbor were able to come home with Dad & I but we do miss David. Mom