Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Port Huron {Lighthouse Beach}

My parents stayed over a week with us in Michigan and we were blessed to be able to go and see so much together. We also had a few pajama days and stayed home and talked, played, and had snacks.

On their last full day with us, we drove up the eastern coast to the town of Port Huron. We really didn't know what we would see, but just felt adventurous and had no expectations but to explore. We discovered Lighthouse Beach by accident and the rest of the day was history.

The sun sank over the horizon, and we just enjoyed the waves and the sand, all in the shadows of the lighthouse.

Our first stop was at Dairy Queen for treats!

Michigan is so dreamy on the coast. I never tire of the sailboats.

This bridge is another major Canadian border crossing in Port Huron.

All the white sails catching wind is "magazine cover" worthy!

 Sandy beaches, sailboat watching, and the towering aged lighthouse made for a cheery day!

Harbor sat right down in wet sand and was in awe of the breaking waves. We were, too.

We have made such precious, precious memories as a family this summer.

Harbor thoroughly enjoyed yelling and screeching as the water broke over his little legs.

What a fun surprise to happen upon this beach. Sometimes the best moments in life happen unplanned.

Three generations of sandy feet

The sailboats were so close {and elegant.}
They just appeared to float above the water, soaring this way and that.

This is Michigan. Who knew it was so gorgeous?  : ) 

Today was my first full day home in Arkansas with my family. After driving 15.5 hours in the truck, we arrived tired, but happy. Harbor seemed unphased by the long drive and never threw a single fit. I'm so thankful he is so easy going. Tonight we celebrated Rachel's 21st birthday at Coldstone.

I'm enjoying seeing all the votes on the poll.
 I'm looking forward to answering your questions or planning out a vlog
{though I have no idea what I would talk about! Haha!}

Arkansas pictures coming soon!


  1. Wow that is amazing that he did so well on the trip! I am glad to hear you made I safely!

  2. O my Jessica I wish that I knew that you where going to Port Huron. Seriously. I live in the town in Canada across the border. So the in the background of your photos is my hometown where I presently live. I would love to meet you sometime and to think we where so close. If you are ever in Windsor there is a great outlet mall. Another great place is Birch Run in flint not to far from there is Frankenmouth there is a great christmas place where you can buy pretty much anything as far as christmas decorations go. Oh I want to meet you someday

  3. I love the pictures of Harbor in the water! :) Looks like you guys are doing great. Glad you are able to come down to Ar for a visit.

  4. what beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing your journey to the north :) with us! :) LOVE that your getting to visit your family, that is great!

  5. What a fun place! Harbor looks so precious in the water! So glad you got to spend time with your family.

    One question- where do you shop? You always are dressed in the most amazing outfits!

  6. So glad to hear you have made it back to Arkansas. Don't forget to visit the Apple Festival at Lincoln. I think there is also another craft fair??

  7. Thanks for the wonderful trip up north, we never knew it has so much to offer. And we now know there is so much more to see & do but we ran out of time. Just another reason to plan a trip again very soon,ha!!!!Harbor is growing so fast & is such a sweet easy going child.This is the first time in along time that I can walk into his big boy room & kiss him for myself,ha!!!but his asleep now so I'd better wait till the morning.Yippe.....Mom

  8. The pictures of Harbor in the waves are adorable!!

  9. I love the pictures of Harbor in the water! So cute!