Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Questions? Ask Away!

The weather in Arkansas has been just glorious the last few days! I have a sinking suspicion that when I return to Detroit, Fall will be upon us. I'm not sure if we will be trick-or-treating in the snow, but anything is possible!  : ) 

My parents surprised us by having a "park" set up in their yard the day we arrived. What a nice surprise! My parents custom built their house on over two acres when I was in Jr. High and it such a nice place to run and play.

I met Judith, a teacher I taught for many years with, for pedicures and lunch. Judith was sweet enough to take the whole day off to see me. The last time we set eyes on each other was the day she left Detroit in her little yellow taxi, headed for the airport. I am still so thankful she took a week out of her summer vacation to take the red-eye up north to see us.

After our lunch, my mom, Harbor, and I headed to the happiest place on earth. The library.

Later that evening we met my Dad and uncle at the farm.

My family on my dad's side owns over 300 acres in the rolling Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas. My grandmother is a cattle farmer, and my dad and uncle have been replacing fence rows for several days now. My dad is a vice president {over networking} at a local bank, but loves to be on the farm, getting his hands dirty. I think it is just such a release of stress from what he normally does all day.

We weren't planning on riding, so were without a saddle, but Harbor really wanted to ride. We both just decided to ride bareback. It was too pretty of an evening with the sun dropping over the hills and the cows grazing to not seize the moment. 

I may live in Detroit, a concrete jungle, but at heart, I'm just a southern girl.
It feels so good to be home for a few weeks!

The results of the poll are in!

It was such a close tie between a "vlog" and a "question/answer" post that I may end up doing both. Once I get back to Detroit, maybe I'll pick a favorite place of mine in the city and give you a "tour". 

While I'm in Arkansas, however, I'll answer your questions, since that is what won!

So... what would you like to know?  Can't wait to hear what your questions! I'll try my best to answer them.

Have a good rest of the week!


  1. I love your hair pulled back like that! So pretty!

  2. There you go looking all cute as usual. How about you go shopping for me and I'll send you a check! Sound like a plan?! Glad you're having a good time at "home." Love Harbor's new playground!

  3. Do you plan on having more children?