Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Henry Ford { Factory Tour }

We had been hearing lots and lots about "The Henry Ford", which is a museum, an 80 acre village to explore, and Ford factory tour experience all wrapped in one perfect visit. We decided Monday, Labor Day, to head in that direction.

{I linked them for you and you should really check out the Ford Factory Tour link- ah-mazing!}

Once arriving, we decided that the Ford factory tour sounded really interesting and decided to buy tickets and see that first. The buildings for the museum are ornate and decadent. So easy to take pictures here!

We loaded the tour bus and began the short drive to the factory.

The Rouge Factory is one of a kind. It allows visitors the unique opportunity to tour a working manufacturing facility from a two story catwalk that goes on for miles and miles.

We were able to watch robots assemble windshields, hundreds of workers attach handles, mirrors, wires, gears, door frames, seat, consoles and all that is needed to build a complete Ford F-150. We were there for about two and half hours. For David and my dad, it was an Engineers dream to see it all happen in real time.

They sadly didn't allow any photos during the tour, but we snapped some after it was over in the lobbies. Knowing these plants are what fuel the greater Detroit area, we were impressed with the rich history of the Ford family and their legacy.

On the bus ride back to the museum, Harbor and David compared shoe sizes.

and mom and I enjoyed taking pictures after being without the camera for over two hours.

Since the buildings and grounds were so pretty, we couldn't resist an impromptu photo shoot.

Today was another busy day with my family as we went to Port Huron and to Lighthouse Beach. 

I wish I had the time to blog more, but Harbor and I are Arkansas bound tomorrow morning. We will miss Daddy so much, but are looking forward to pastures, trees, and southern accents- for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!  We will miss our Michigan home and seeing David everyday, but feel so blessed to have such a long extended vacation back in the south with our friends and family!

See you in Arkansas with lots of pictures and stories to share! Feel free to vote on the newest poll. Maybe I can work something in?  : )


  1. I love what you said about the adventures you are weaving. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing part of the country I will probably never see. So fun to travel with you!

  2. Have fun at HOME in Arkansas!!! I am jealous! I hope y'all get to go to a Hogs game while you're there. I know you'll have a great visit with your friends and family. Going home is the greatest. Have a safe trip! :)

  3. You all are keeping so busy! I love all of your family pictures. You are so beautiful!

  4. How interesting!

    And welcome back to AR fo a few weeks! Enjoy this great weather!

  5. Glad you will be back home for a while! I know you had a blast seeing you parents!

  6. I am sure Harbor loved the tour! Have a safe trip back to the good ole' South!

  7. Im a little jealous knowing you will be in Arkansas! Have a wonderful time!!

  8. First of all...your house is so dreamy!! I love it! Beautiful family photos!!!
    What a neat experience! You sure are making the most of your new adventures!!
    Have fun at HOME!!

  9. I love the photo of Harbor digging in the dirt & you & David looking on.I just might have to blow it up & fram it to hang at home.We had a great vist with you all.Their is so much to see & do in Michigan & even Canada that we will have to plan many more trips together. Dad & I want you guys too move closer home but you are also making the best of where you are at at this time in your lives & making lots of great memories along the way. Enjoying this season of where you are at is great, your area has so much too offer. Thanks for sharing it with Dad & I. Mom