Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jessica & Judith Take Detroit | {Day 1- Riverwalk} and play dough

After Judith and our crew left Belle Isle, we headed into the heart of Detroit's downtown to visit the Ren Center and Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk faces Windsor and has breath taking views of Ambassador Bridge and Cesar's Palace, across the river, in Windsor's downtown. On the Detroit side, there is nice area for ice cream and splashing in the water features.

Detroit is full of artists, and while many specialize, sadly, in graffiti, there were some amazing sand artists showing off their talents!
{We are loving some of the graffiti, too, but hate to see it done illegally. You know I love me some spray paint and cannot fathom how they do it!} 

In the shadows of General Motors Headquarters, several splash parks were in full swing.

And for lunch, we swung over to Detroit's west side to eat in Mexican Town {town named after immigrant population that boasts some amazing eats. Renee Zellweger has been spotted many times eating at our restaurant, the Mexicantown Cafe.}

In more recent news, I made Harbor a batch of homemade salt play dough today and we had a fun time using cookie cutters. The cookie cutters were all Christmas themed, which gave me the itch to start my cards, since I normally have them 1/2 way done at this point.

Tonight after dinner, David, that crazy cat, worked really hard on our sidewalk. One corner was a bit lower than the others, so he busted up the whole thing by hand to lay a new slab himself. Trust me, the two of us together can get some work done! Ha, ha!

 And here is the proof left from the sledgehammer. I'm sure our neighbors thought he was insane, taking the time to fix a sidewalk slab {and without a jack, no less}.

Across our driveway, we have a really cute cedar fence and gate. It is very common here to have gates that cross the driveway, so getting out of your car to open it isn't even give any thought.

It is perfect in that we can let Bichon, our dog, and Harbor outside in the back and not worry about them escaping to greener pastures. That is.. until Harbor opened it today.. Hmmm....  Check out how close our neighbor's houses are across the street! And that is big city life for ya!  : )

{Disregard how wet and filthy Harbor is. Right before I took this picture, he had jumped into the pool. He was hot from all that sidewalk work}

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  1. I loved seeing that big show boat at the end of the pier, it looked like it was at least 5 levels to it. I see Harbor William enjoyed your homemade play dough. Something new for him to do is always fun. I really don't know where David find's the engery to work all day, 6 days a week & then still breaks up the sidewalk when he gets home,ha!!! His such a hard worker, makes me tried just thinking about it, love & miss you..Give HW a kiss from Poppy & Gig.