Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Today is my beautiful mother's birthday, and while we are sad to be away from her on this special day, we have the kind of love that no amount of mileage, weather, hardship, or situation can damper. Our love is big and strong and deep.

So mom, we're sending warm thoughts all the way down the Detroit River, past the Great Lakes, through the farmlands of Iowa, over the sparkling St. Louis Arch, and straight into the gorgeous Ozark Mountains where I know you will find it!


  1. Hey Jessica!! Can you tell me where you got your white bedspread. I love it!!- Ashley

  2. Hey girl,

    I am so behind the times. I am not on facebook. I should be. You can e-mail me at

  3. Thank you so much sweet Jessica for the Birthday wish. I wish we didn't live so far apart but thats just the way it is for right now, so we are making the best of it. Miss & love you...MOM