Monday, February 2, 2009

Previously on Laguna Beach.....

My Valentine's Day cards are ready to be mailed! I wasn't going to take a picture of my craft room because it needs to be cleaned, but I decided to be "real" whicha and just take the picture- Ha!

Speaking of "V" day.. David came home from work today and plopped this pretty little number on the dining room table, told me it was my Valentine's Day present, and not to open it until the 14th. Punk! : ) His company is actually flying him next week to Gastonia for six days to do some contracted labor in a plant they have located there. I suppose I won't peek while HW and I are home alone. When he brought that bag in the dining room, I panicked. I have nothing for him yet! He is a better shopper than me though. Maybe I will make him a card, eh?

Mom and I decided to play with some of Harbor's plain, jane white onesies. We had fun cutting out fabric and sewing them on. Since I can't do "hairbows", layering up onesies over long sleeves seems to add some excitement to our everyday routine!

Rachel and Harbor William

Friday night we had dinner at our house with the Hickman family and the Collins'. David grilled and we played games. It was lots of fun- thanks guys!

With big, cold tile floors in the living room, Harbor spends loads of time playing in his activity mat.

We are slowly recovering from the ice storm that hit hard last week. We, thankfully, never lost power, but most people living in NWA did. Since we had heat and plenty of space, we ended up having three overnight visitors- Rachel and two of her house roommates from the University. All in all, we either fed, showered, or housed 14 different people within seven days. We were so happy to serve and accomodate. Having a guestroom is such a service when it comes in need.

I definitely felt like an "old maid" with the three younger gals sleeping over. I'm glad they humored me and let me in on their little social circle. I settled in with Harbor on the chaise lounge and stayed up till the wee hours watching the entire second season of Laguna Beach and almost the first of The Hills with them. It was my first experience- I am thankful I am no longer in the dark. This is what I learned:

1. The shows are like 90210 for a new generation, minus the moral lesson the kids learn at the end, plus much hipper clothes, and new slang that I wished would have included subtitles for old maids like me. Did you know that "sick" now means "awesome?" Yeah, me neither.

2. The Hills and Laguna are actually the same show. What?? How did I miss this?

3. LC is THE Lauren Conrad I have been admiring in my trashy Extra magazines. That girl has some "sick" shoes on every time I see her, let me tell you.

4. David and I are officially moved into a lower tax bracket. I thought we were middle class, but this show made me think otherwise. I cannot fly to Cabo for Vera Wang wear on a whim, but I would cut my arm off to be able to- but that would be "sick" in the regular sense.

5. Names like Flo and Poster must mean you look hott!!

If I educated you at all, please leave a comment. I feel, oh, about 6 months younger now that I am up to speed. Ha, ha!

(I had my revenge when we all watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer the next night. Ha!)

Bath time!

This last Saturday, David and I left Harbor for the first time (11 weeks old) to have a date night. We met my parents at the movies to see, "Taken". It was really intense and unsettling at times, but really good. Not to spoil the movie, but all I could think about afterwards was that poor Natalie Holloway that went missing in Aruba. This movie makes you think about being young and vulnerable like that... After the movie, my family met up at the mall to eat in the food court and shop together. Rachel found a great BCBG dress, Harbor got some baby Gap clothes and a sweet little pair of size two K-Swiss shoes... I love him in little shoes. It was nice to get out as a "couple" and spend quality time together. The greatest piece of advice I hear from so many older couples is not to forget your "marriage" in the busyness of having a child. I figure the sooner I can leave Harbor in capable hands for small periods at a time, the better off we will all be. I don't want to have that seperation anxiety (for either of us, really) that you hear so much about. I want David to know he is still a priority to me. : )

This is the tree in Cathy and Tim's front yard. We were so sad to see it did not survive the storm. They planted it when Rachel was just a few years old.

David treated the lovely ladies pictured here to Olive Garden Sudnay on him. Our waiter volunteered to take our picture, which was great since I didn't have to scan the room looking for someone to do it.

Playdate with baby Gregory

I was so excited to find a package outside our front door this week- a fellow blogger who I would love to meet someday- Ginny- mailed me the sweetest "H" charm from her favorite jewely store. I can't wait to wear it when I start back to work!

Hoping everyone had a remarkable Groundhog day today! : ) Did it see its shadow?? I seriously don't even know.....


  1. the girls I work with watch those shows...and they talk about them while I talk about diapers, spit up and potty training, LOL

  2. OH and your cards ARE cute just like I knew they would be!!

  3. I know. three comments. but it's 3am and I'm awake and bored. lol.

    IF you ever DO have a girl and start doing hairbows, I'll be OH SO HAPPY--because then I can get some from your crafty self ;-)

  4. I'm still awake, so I thought, why not make it four comments. yah, i know.

    but, I didn't even know yest was groundhog day until I was interviewing a kid at school and he told me they had some sort of groundhog day activity, and I thought, OH, it's groundhog day?! weird.

    I would never post these stupid random comments on someone's blog who I didn't know in real life.... they'd prob block me ;-)

  5. My daughter watch those its crazy! Loved the valentine cards and all the pictures of Harbor are too cute!

  6. Such a great post! Your craft room looks amazing! Do you have pictures of Harbor's nursery? I just started following, but it looks so cute. I would love to see it! :)

  7. Ok, I don't watch Laguna beach or the other show but I did know that Sick means awesome b/c I teach a bunch of 8th grade "skater punks." HAHA! By the way, GREAT that you were able to leave H with your parents and I'm SURE they LOVED it! B has a bit of separation anxiety at bed time and it makes things hard for me! AND her! Going back to work will not be horrible if you ease into it. I came back on a Thursday (Valentine's day) actually and I was "ok" It was harder coming back after the summer. You and H will be fine and let me tell you what a HUGE blessing it is to have a grandparent watch him! It makes ALL the difference, and if he walks late (Like B) it's only b/c Grandma loves him and holds him a lot! :)

  8. I'm jealous of your "messy" craft room! That is just awesome. Your blog is so creative and I love reading it. Harbor is too cute in your Valentine cards!

  9. I have to admit that I've watched those shows. Mainly before we had a DVR and I would watch them while laying in bed (they were the only shows on that late and I don't watch tv while Brook is up). You're so lucky that you didn't lose power. We were out for almost 5 days!

  10. You are SO creative! Little Miss Martha jealous.

  11. You definitely educated me and I knew I was old, but I didn't know I was that out of it!!!

  12. WOW! What a good post - lots to take in! :)

    I don't know if I have ever told you this or not, but your house decor is so fresh and fun! I love it!

    Ok- now on to the cute baby business....HW is adorable! I can't believe he is 11 weeks?! Cyler is going to be 5 months next Sunday! WHAT? Time flies...

    I love the V day cards! I have to get some made for Cyler I guess - since you just set the bar so high! :) Maybe I can channel my inner "scrapbook junkie" and make some!

  13. OK, First of all, Brandy is crazy for leaving her 4 comments... :-)

    I'm glad ya'll didn't loose power!

  14. OH WOW!!!!!!

    Ok so I still watch those shows, they make me laugh. Jerrame makes me watch them in the bedroom becasue he refuses to watch them.

    I need to get with you one thing...

    Harbor is sooo cute. You and your mom are pretty talented. Harbor is going to be best dressed with you ladies.

    I am so glad that you guys didn't loose power, we were off for 5 days!!

  15. OH I almost forgot, I LOVE THE valentines day cards!!!

  16. Love the cards! Harper is so precious! Looks like you had a blast learning of the Hills and Laguna Beach during the ice storm! Love LC! haha

  17. He is a cutie. And, yes, he saw his shadow. :)

    Have a great week!

  18. How very funny!! Don't worry when Harbor is a teenager he will help keep you up to speed. That is the only way I knew sick was awesome, because of Dak my wonderful 16 year old.

    These pics are so adorable. That little Harbor is really getting his own little personality. You can just see it shine through these pics.

    Jessica you look great!!!!! What a beautiful mommy and wife you are.

    Have a Blessed day sweet girl,

  19. Love the "H" charm that Ginny sent you, that was so sweet & thoughtful. And that movie" Taken" we went & seen was too intense for me. But it made you rethink about being safe at all times. Poor Granny Joyce is still without power, today makes 1 week. She lost all her stuff in the frezzer/fridge. So thats going to be expensive for her. We lost 3 huge trees in our yard, two of them were 14 years old, we planted them after we built the house. So that makes me sad, such good share trees in the hot summer weather. You & David were quite the hostess this past week & we all "Thank-you". Those Valentine's Day cards are so sticken cute with my sweet little Harbor on them= AKA " Peter Pan, Ha!!!!! He likes it when we talk about all the adventures we are going to have together. Oh yea, Brandy maked me laugh when I read her commets this morning, it was great. It might be the only time I laugh all day, so thanks Brandy.

  20. I just watched The Hills a few months ago. It was interesting......I still love my 90210 though......the original of course. LOL

    Cute Valentine's cards! Harbor is getting so big....he is just so handsome. You look fabulous too!

    I was worried about you guys after hearing about that wicked weather. Incredible isn't it Stay warm!!!

  21. You are so talented.....the onesies have such great character! Who needs those bows and hats anyway!

    So what game were you playing? It looks like fun. I LOVE GAME NIGHTS!

    Your V cards are great!

  22. You are so talented!! David is a great husband... How sweet!! The girls at Olive Garden are beautiful!! They are getting so big!!!

  23. Cute Valentine's cards! The onesies are so cute!! Harbor will be stylin'!! You educated me a bit on the whole Laguna Beach thing! I have heard people use "sick" before, but never really got with it ment!

  24. My cousin turned me on to those shows and you are right I had to catch up and I am certainly not in their tax bracket. You look great and I love the little shirts you made for H. Just too cute!!! He is growing fast and is just too cute himself.

  25. Harbor is such a cutie! I love the v-day cards! I love your craft room. I would love to have one of those-hopefully in our next house!:)

  26. Great pictures. Little one is so cute! And I want to know when I crossed the line into old because I did not know Laguna Beach and The Hills were the same and I didn't know half of the lingo!

  27. Oh great! Yes, I know Amy very well! She was my "adopted director" until Christy became a director! She is so fun! OH is she your MK consultant? She is so awesome!

  28. I love Compatibility! Bran and I have never ever been beat!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who reads trashy mags.

    I'm a little more hip than you I guess, beacause I watch WAY to much of the ol' telly.

    Yes, he saw his shadow!

  29. Glad we could educate you on our favorite shows I have been talking about all these years. I'm so glad I got to spend so much time with you, David, and Harbor when we didn't have class because of the ice. You guys mean the world to me, and I truly don't know what I would do without you. I love you!!

  30. Oh and by the way...I absolutely looooove the title you did for the post!! You were such a trooper!!

  31. i lovveee the blog! thanks for stopping by mine. I love your craft room. i need one, but my hubby wont give in lol. now do you sale those little onesies, they are way cute!

  32. hey Jessica,
    Cade doesn't really like tummy time either. He is good for a minute or two then he starts to fuss. He does like it better on the boppy. I try to do a little of both each day, but I end up picking him up pretty quick once he starts fussing..

    Oh yeah... Cade has that same Jitter bug toy on his carseat:)


  33. Wow you have been busy! I am glad you didn't lose power. Good for you for having a date night. I am sure it was so hard to leave Harbor, but I agree marriage has to be a priority also. I also love the onsies you made!

  34. I loved ALL the pictures! The tie onesie is precious!! Harbor is getting so big and cuter by the minute!!

  35. Your cards are so cute! Your craft room looks awesome. I bet it is fun to work on projects in there. Your little guy is so cute. He is really growing. The pictures you post are so neat of his different expressions.

  36. Welcome to my world, Jessica! This post made me laugh because all that teen slang is what I hear every day! haha. Isn't it crazy that "sick" means awesome?? What in the world?!

    And Harbor is absolutely precious. I LOVE your cute Valentine cards. You are just so talented!!

    How much longer till you have to go back to work??

    Have a great week!!

  37. Forgot to mention that I love the new blog look! :)

    When do you head back to the classroom?

  38. I love your craft room! It's amazing and looked really clean to me! You are so talented & organized to make V-Day cards! I'm doing good just to send my family birthday cards! Ha!

  39. Hey! My name is Stacy and I ran across your blog and It is so fun! :) I love your craft room! I'm taking over our dining room with all my stuff..LOL..P.s. I love the v-day cards and your placemats are so cute! :)

  40. Thank you Jessica. She has just made our lives so much better. I know you feel blessed having Harbor. They just grow up too fast. I am glad that you have been able to stay home with him for awhile. It is nice that your mom can keep him for you. My little one goes to daycare and that was very difficult for me at first.

  41. Wow! That was a L-O-N-G post!!!! =)

    Yall have had a lot going on!!!

    Your post about the girls staying over and watching the hills cracked me up!!!! Thanks for the vocabulary update...I had NO IDEA!!!! =) What a TRIP!!!

    That is so sad about the tree!!!! =( Tell Rachel she will have to plant another one!!!! Did yall plant a tree for Harbor? Yall should...what a NEAT idea!!!!

    Harbor is soooooooooooooooooo CUTE and I love alllllllllllllll the pictures!!!!

    You did a GREAT job on the v-day cards!!!! Your craft room ROCKS!!!! I love it!!!!

    Hey will you email me or leave me a comment again on how to do those letter things you did on Harbor's wall!!! I want to make some for our spare bedroom which will be Lil Miss "H's" room when she comes to stay with us this summer!!!!

    I think it goes something like this...
    Buy the wood letters...
    Get some scrapbook paper....
    Do I trace the letters on the paper and then cut them out??? Do you use glue to hold the paper to the wood letters??? If so what kind?!?!

    I heard the groundhog bit the mayor?!?!? At least that is what somone told me yesterday?!?!

    Yall did a GREAT GREAT GREAT job on the onesies!!!!!! =)

    Speaking of Olive Garden...
    I'm going there for lunch today!!! It's sooooooooooooooooo on my weight wacthers plan!!!!!! =) HA!!!!!!


    PS - I can't WAIT to see what David got you for V-Day!!!!! =) He is such a sweetie!!!!!

  42. I'm so jealous of your craft room! Love the Valentine cards too!

  43. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the info on the letters!!!!! =) I can't wait to make them!!! I went to Wal-Mart over the weekend...I didn't care for their wood letters (to small)! I think I will go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's!!!

    I wished I had 1 oz of your skill girlie!!!! When I make them I will blog about it and let you know!!!! =)


  44. Hey Jessica;

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    That cute little Harbor sure looks like a sweetie pie. Are you from the Fayetteville area? One of my daughters lives there.

    Stop by and visit anytime.

  45. You have been busy!!! I love your vday cards and I can't wait to see what David got you ;)!

  46. Love the cards and the pictures of Harbor! Too cute!! I loved the list...I got so tickled when I read it. I knew a few of them but not all!!

  47. oh jessica that baby is just getting sweeter and sweeter and more handsome every time I see a picture of him.. and by the way what did you do to your hair??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... it looks great!! Laguna beach i loved and the hills rock and 90210 I still watch on DVR hmmmmm am I like not completley grown up yet??? uh oh..
    Have a great day tommorow..

  48. HI Jessica!

    I loved reading and seeing all the pics! HArbor is growing so fast,,,,almost as fast as Amy's hair!
    The ice storm-beauitful pics.
    Glad you are doing date nights, that is so important. Remember all that advice from your virtual baby shower? I have been with my husband 14 years and we still put one another first. Always.
    Your cards are just precious! How do you find the time?
    I have no clue about any of those shows.
    I want to see Taken. My 18 year odl saw it and said it was good.
    Natalie H. is/was a hometown girl. I write to Beth when that happened and was surprised to have her write back. My heart aches for that family. I will continue to pray for them. For answers. For God's grace.

    Great post!


  49. Hi Jessica,

    I just happend to run across your blog...It has been a LONG time since our college class. You have a precious baby boy. I had a little girl on October 6th.. We'll have to get together for a little playdate. So happy I found you.


  50. -I love the onsies- especially the tie!!
    -Zack is such a smart-elic! He is smiling a big, goofy grin in every picture! We did have a blast, though and need to do it again soon.
    -Thanks for educating me on today's lingo. I'm a loser...
    -Love the post and all the pictures!

  51. I would love to have a craft room and oh I would be happy with about half of your crafty talent to go along with the craft room. Harbor is getting so big, they grow like crazy!

  52. Harbor is really growing up!!!! He is a cutie pie!!

  53. Yes,I have a job that I LOVE working for ASU Childhood Services. I have only worked 4 days so far. I had LOTS of vacation/sick days. I work 2 days from home...It's going to be sooooo hard to leave this little girl. I'm thinking about going part time and working 1-2 days a week. Lets have lunch sometime soon...I would love to meet your little Harbor.

  54. Jessica,I just wanted to apologize about not responding to your ornament request. I am not good about checking my comments because I never have any!!! It makes me happy that you read my blog!!! I still have stuff to make ornaments if you want some for next year! Ha!!

  55. I'm pretty sure it was Survey of Exceptionalities....

  56. They are $8 a piece and I can do any colors you would like with all 3 initials.

  57. As a mom of two boys, I know exactly what you mean about wanting to put them in cute things even if you can't do hair bows! I have a friend who makes lots of cute things including monogramed shirts and boxers for boys. Thought you might like to take a look to either order or to get ideas for yourself. You have a cutie!

  58. Oh, I also meant to say we're AR girls too, just on the other side of the state - NEA.