Monday, February 23, 2009

March is around the corner!

*Tori B.- Thanks for the question. I got the giraffe in Fayetteville, Arkansas at Sam's Club. They are associated with the Walmart stores. If you want to post another comment with an email, perhaps I could buy one for you and have it shipped? Let me know.

Harbor's 12 week pictures:

Bichon has claimed a little stuffed tiger in Harbor's nursery as her own... she can often be found napping in his room. : )

Gigi comes to visit!

David flew in from North Carolina a few days before Valentine's Day. Harbor and I were excited to pick him up. I love the necklace I am wearing- thanks Ginny- I adore it! Gigi snapped a picture of us before our drive to the airport.

Our family had a sweet, laid back Valentine's Day. We ate out at Olive Garden on Sunday and drove to the lake. My parents bought Harbor lots of fun goodies and made for David and I handmade books with lots of little pictures of our family inside.

Bath time!

My mom is really excited about becoming Harbor's nanny. I go back to work on March 2nd- which gives me exactly four months maternity leave. I have loved spending time at home with HW, but I am really anticipating my return to work. I miss my other kiddos and all the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule at school.

When I was a baby, my mom used to put me in the laundry basket when she was changing out loads. Now, Harbor gets in on the tradition. : ) With mom around, my laundry has never looked better! Thanks, mom.

Harbor and I found Bichon in our guest room, lying on the bed, looking for the mailman (or the school bus!) to come by the front window.

Do you like the pretty necklace I am wearing? This is what I found in David's little red Valentine's Day bag. Thanks, honey. You have great taste and I am always happy to benefit from it. Ha! : )

A visit to see Harbor's great grandmother, Granny Joyce. Happy Birthday, Granny! You are looking good, girl! : )

Harbor William- 13 weeks old

Harbor William- 14 weeks old
Can I just tell you that my heart sings for this little fellow?? : )

Spending time with daddy- we waited seven years of marriage for little Harbor William- and David and I just love him so much.

Playdate with nephew Gregory- Go Hogs Go!

David and Harbor had a fun weekend... they bought a new toy to play with. : )

David and I met up with family to celebrate Hunter's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday, big boy! We love you oh so very much.

Happy "big" three, Harbor!

We are doing well- staying busy, of course, but having fun! This weekend, Harbor will visit my classroom for the first time to help me get my lessons organized and to get my room situated for my return. I can't wait to show Harbor around. I love that Harbor will be a "teacher's" kid- I look forward to the many years ahead of us that include riding to school together and being able to know his friends (and grades, hopefully) in a personal manner. Ha! : ) Being able to spend the holidays and summers with my child is a dream!

Please pray for my sweet friend, Amy Hickman and family. They lost a 1 1/2 year old nephew last week. Visit Remembering Eli.

Have a wonderful week! March is around the corner, and for me, that means Spring Break! Here's to warmer weather. : )


  1. He's adorable! I think such a mix of the both of you. You are SO lucky to have your mom there to watch Harbor. They are going to have such a special relationship.

  2. Love all the photos - especially the ones of his little feet!

  3. um. bj is green about the jeep. he's already been looking (I've promised him one for graduation!)...we love the jeep!

  4. I love all the photos! He is soo cute!! I really like the ones with him and your mom looking out the window. David does have good taste--I love that necklace!!

  5. Ohh HW is getting so big! How cute is he in his little chair! Too precious! Good Luck with going back to's hard but I'll keep you in our prayers!

    God Bless!

  6. So cute, love all the pictures!

  7. Oh Jessica..........the pictures of HW are just so cute. You can really start to see his personality in the pictures.

    Cool car! I bet the boys will have lots of fun in that for years!

  8. He's adorable. I love all his little booties!

  9. Harbor is so sweet, I think he looks just like you. Cute necklaces. You are very lucky to have your mom help out with Harbor. Good luck with your return to school.

  10. Love all the pictures... Harbor is getting so big!!

  11. He is such a cute baby and you have such a beautiful home! I love your dining room. Where did you get the monogrammed placemats?

  12. You are the GREATEST mom! I love visiting your blog and seeing all of your pictures. By the way, I came up with a GREAT new punishment for "naughty" students. I'll post to my blog soon. Also, if your mom is with you and not working now, could I get her home e-mail? THANKS :) She is always so supportive and I love talking to her!

  13. He is such a doll! Returning to work will be nice but hard to leave your little man I bet.

    The jeep is nice! Ryan just got a new truck last week as well...Boys and their toys :)

  14. Hi Jessica, I had posted a while back about the cute giraffe you take Harbor's picture with. I really like it and would love to have one for my son's room (he was born 11-12-08!). Could you please let me know where you got it from? I do not have a blog, so you can't respond back to me that way, but could you just post it on here? I would appreciate it so very much! Thanks, Tori.

  15. Cute, cute pictures! I love the one where he is in the laundry basket- so sweet! Love the Jeep!!! Can't wait to see it on Saturday! (Thanks for putting Eli's blog address on here. We've already gotten a few comments from people who read about it on your blog.)

  16. I absolutely love your updates :)! They are always full of lots of happiness and of course pictures!!!

    I hope your return to school goes well!

  17. As usual love all the photos, the one of the great g-ma and HW laughing is so adorable. The one of his feet made me think of a suggestion for you that I have seen. You just do that same picture, but put you and your hubby's wedding rings on his toes, so cute.
    Aren't the 4door jeeps great we traded the hubs 2dr last May and love that we can take off the 2 front pieces so fast and easy w/o removing the back pc.
    Love your new necklace, the hubs did great!
    Good Luck on your return back to school!

  18. Harbor is such a cutie! He is doing really good in his bumbo seat. I love that Bichon likes to nap in his room, Boomer likes to nap on the full sized bed in Cade's nursery:)

    Good luck going back to work. It will be hard, but it is such a blessing that we both have our mother's to watch the little ones----that really puts you at ease. I keep really busy at work so that day goes by fast, but I am certainly in a hurry to get home to Cade:)

    Has Harbor rolled over yet? Has he started drolling a lot? I think Cade will roll over soon.


  19. Wow! He is just a-growin'!! He's got such pretty eyes! My fave pictures are the "sweet feet" ones!

  20. Jessica,
    Harbor is so cute!!! I love all these pic. And I also LOVE your new design. So cute!!

    Congrats on the new Jeep!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  21. Oh I love seeing all the pictures of Harbor!! He is growing up already!

    And how sweet are your parents?!

  22. The pictures are just adorable. Harbor is just precious. There was one photo he looks just like his dad in.
    Jessica you look great. And your mom, she could pass as your sister. Beautiful. I know you will have peace knowing she is nanny. She did good the first time around!
    I love th etoes pics. Sweet.
    Love the jeep. Thats my dream car.

  23. i just love all the open-mouthed smiles and laughing! they are just the best!

    wow, has it been all that time already? good luck at work next wee!

  24. I sure did!! Isn't t Target the best. I could live in there if they would let me. My daughter has the bigger baby legs and she wears them to dance class. Talk to ya soon, Karie

  25. Cute pics. That's awesome that you were able to stay home with him for a nice, long maternity leave. And I know your mind is at ease that your mom is the one to keep him when you go back to work. Good luck!

  26. Harbor is adorable! Love the photo of him in the laundry basket. That would definitely motivate me to do laundry.

    I had to laugh when I saw that you have a Gigi and Poppy. My kids call my parents Gigi and Pappy. Not exactly the same but close. Don't you love those grandparents?


    P.S. Love the jeep. My hubby has a black 4dr. and we LOVE it. All 3 kids fit in the back and it's our summer vehicle. We get stopped by people asking about it all the time!

  27. Thanks for hoping over to my blog! It is so nice to finally meet you after reading your blog for a while!!! All the Harbor pics are adorable! He is already getting so big! I know what you mean about going back to work it is one of those things where it will be nice to have some you time and get back into a normal routine, but it will be hard the first few days. However you will appreciate all your time you have at home after school and on the weekends!!!!

  28. BTW love the Bumbo seat!!!!! Makes me miss when Carter was little enough to sit in his!!

  29. Harbor is so precious! I always find myself comparing him size-wise to Jeremiah and Harbor is very much "taller" than Jeremiah...I love that giraffe too! I looked at our Sam's Club here but I couldnt find one :(
    Take care!

    Christy Lee
    *~Petals and Pine~*

  30. Pictures...too stinkin' cute!! Love them! He is such a smiley little guy! I also love the ones where he isn't too happy, either. Those are priceless!! Thanks for the update! :)

    I don't know how I'm going to be able to go back to teaching when I have a baby someday. I think it would be so hard. Therefore, I might be calling for some advice!! :) If you're up for sharing some with me!!

  31. The pictures are so great! Harbor is so cute! You will be so glad that you are taking so many pictures of him. They change so fast. I took lots of pictures of my little one. She will be 3 in March and you think where did the time go. I am so glad that you have been able to stay home with him. It was a special time.

  32. Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your response. If you would, e-mail me and maybe we could work something out!

    Thanks again so much!!

  33. Jessica, Harbor is getting so big! I know it will be a little hard for you to go back to school but how much better than your sweet Mom as nanny! The best of both worlds!!

  34. Great post Jessica!!! Harbor is just growing up so. He looks so big sitting in his little green chair. You and Harbor are so lucky your Mom gets to keep him, what a blessing. That will make it so much easier for you to return to work. I loved all the photos of the little guy he is so cute in all his outfits. Have a great weekend and I love the new toy!!!

  35. Hi Jessica, I love those photos of Harbor looking at you and David. You can see the happiness in his little face from seeing mommy and daddy.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I just gave you an Award. I hope you enjoy it. I have followed your blog for along while now. I am not good at commenting on everyone's blogs but am trying to do better. I enjoy seeing little H pics and your crafts...

  37. I'll be thinking about you as you head to work on Monday. I know it will be hard, but it is great that your mom can watch Harbor for you. My daughter started day care at 5 months. I had high blood pressure and my last month of pregnancy the doctor put me on strict bed rest. I lost 20 sick days before she even got here. I was able to take off 6 weeks and then I had to go back to work. My mother in law kept her for a month for me until I was out for the summer. We had the summer together and then she went to daycare. I know some mothers have to put their children in child care at 6 weeks. That is a heart breaker. Just know I am thinking about you guys. Have a good Monday!

  38. Hi Jessica
    Nice to meet you. I do live in NWA Elkins area. It's amazing how the blogging community is so real and such wonderful sweet gals to learn from, try a recipe from, a good laugh, good cry....Maybe we can talk more soon.

  39. Hi Jessica! Hope today went well. What was it like going back to school today?

  40. I am so glad you had a good experience going back. How sweet of your students to make that board for you. That's so thoughtful. I just remember what my first day going back was like. When MK was 6weeks old it was awful. My in laws took care of her and they did a great job. I just missed her. On her first day of daycare, I cried all day. I enjoyed going back to work though and getting back into a routine. I missed my kiddos, too.
    Thanks for what you said about my parents.....

  41. He is absolutely precious! I LOVE his little smile!

  42. Your little man is so cute! I don't know if I've told you before, but I love how you decorate your house. It's giving me inspiration.

  43. Praying your week went well at work. I hope you are able to adjust easily. It has to be more than helpful knowing Harbor is in very good hands.

  44. I haven't been here in a while, so I must say, Congrats! Boy, does time fly. Harbor is so sweet and beautiful. I am so glad you are enjoying every minute with him. I knew you would rock as a MOM!