Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Fabulous Weekend!

This weekend was a fun one!

Friday Night:

David and I went on a date to Red Lobster and then went shopping at T.J. Maxx. While at Red Lobster, I spotted a guy across the room that looked really familiar. The more I looked, the more I realized it was a bloggy person from online. I told David, "I'm going over there!" He turned a little pink from anxiety at me approaching a stranger, but it was Mandee and her husband!!! Though she is a blogging friend, we knew each other in high school, but hadn't seen each other in years!

Saturday Morning:

My mom called and asked if she could come over and give us some early Valentine's presents! She had a bone wrapped up in toliet paper roll for Bichon! Bichon loves to chew on toliet paper rolls! : ) David and I have been married almost seven years, and Bichon is our only child. My mom adores her! She also made us a yummy cookie in a jar mix, bought us each new house slippers, and some scrumptious flannel sheets. My mom is the epitome of fabulous!

Saturday Night:

David won tickets to the Razorback game at a bank dinner recently held at the Town's Center. They were for great seats on row 8!! Wow! We were right there in the action. I LOVE the Hogs! I cried during the anthem and when the players ran out. I am a complete cheese ball and extremely sensitive!

Sunday Afternoon:

I started the afternoon off by making some new "birthday" and "thinking of you cards!"

Sunday Night:

David and our nephew, Adam, worked our acre of land. They cut down hickory trees and cleared brush. It was a beautiful day! I loved being outside, taking pictures of them.

I love this view! : )


  1. We went to a b-day party in Stillwell, and on our way through PG last night we were driving in different neighborhoods when I realized we were in front of your house (I actually recognized it). We almost stopped, but we thought you were probably at church!

  2. Let's see, where do I start: I love the vday gifts from your mom! So sweet!
    I get a little emotional at hog games too so don't worry about it! It's just one of those things!
    Your cards are sooooo cute! You need to sell them!
    Ha! Love the "views" behind your house!

  3. Looks like you had a really fun weekend!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I love your new cards! So cute!

  5. I got the same things for Valentine's Day from your mom!! ha! I love her so much! She is so sweet!!! She's always thinking of others.

  6. I got the same things for Valentine's Day from your mom!! ha! I love her so much! She is so sweet!!! She's always thinking of others.

  7. Your cards are too cute! Those are great gifts! I love cookie jar mixes!

  8. You're too funny--

    We were at the game too--it was a GREAT game! My palms always get a little sweaty and my stomach gets butterflies--I love the opening of the game so much when the players all run out!

  9. Oh my goodness what a cute family! My kids are grown up so my bullmastiffs are my kids now. :-)
    I adore your cards, but now I must hate you as you are crafty and I am NOT.AT.ALL.

  10. Randoms thoughts: Yaay for date nights, I hope to run into you one day, Your Mom is so sweet, I need a tutorial on your homemade cards, Wasn't this weekend's weather awesome?! I can't wait to see what you get for Valentine's day! Ha!

  11. What a fun weekend! I am so jealous that you got to go to TJ Maxx, I meant to go there all weekend but never made it. Did you find any good stuff?

    You new cards are sooo cute!

  12. You crack me up with the butt pic!!! =) Yall are soooooooooooooo darn CUTE!!!

    Did you see our bike weekend pics?

    Glad you liked your award!!! I love your blog and all the creative stuff you do!!!

    I've said it a few times...I LOVE YALLS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I always love reading about your weekends. Mine usually consist of lounging around, cleaning or some other time wasting activity. Your mom is so sweet to bring you V-day gifts. I'm with need to sell your cards. Maybe on Etsy or something!! (oh...and your tiles too!)

  14. Glad you had a great weekend! I love that you saw a fellow blogger. That is too funny! Your mom is so sweet!! Your cards look great. I wish I had an ounce of your talent! I love your house! Okay, was that enough ! marks? I hate when I do that. O well...

  15. What a great weekend! I love that you went on a date to T J Maxx! ha! Scott won't even go in the door there. Flat out refuses.
    Your mom gave you such sweet gifts!
    I haven't been to a basketball game this year but I LOVE them. They are so fun. When I lived in F'ville and in the Nolan years - I went to every home game and loved them! Go hogs!
    Oh and love your cards!

  16. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend as usual! I LOVE the cards!!

  17. Mandee said she ran into you! I would love to make get some lessons on making cards! Yours are so cute!
    Maybe you should do PW type instructional posts!

  18. Your mom is definitely one SWEET lady! You are so lucky to have her. Just wait until you have real babies! :)

    You look so cute for the game, as usual. It sounds like a great weekend all around.

  19. ok...going backwards...
    I love your "I love this view". So totally cute of you.
    So envious of your other vview-your property. Gorgeous!
    Awesome handmade cards as always.
    I ALWAYS cry when I hear the national anthem too. I embarrass my kids, butone day they too will get it. Always cry.
    Love bball too! BU tmine is the Tide.
    You mom is as ucte as you are-and ever as crafty with the cute little wrapping. You both put alot of time even into the wrapping of gifts and cards, you make even that special, whihc only shows how SPECIAL you and MOm are!
    HAppy day Jessica.
    PS I would hope you'd approach me (smile)

  20. You are so funny! It was great to see you and David. We should have thought to exchange numbers or e-mails or something. Maybe we'll run into each other again. We also ran into Kristen that night.

  21. oooooo you did have a good weekend. I love the playing of the National Anthem. I cry too. Ok so if i were to start making cards where do you think I need to begin. I do more painting and stuff and not paper. so give me some pointers please

  22. you make the greatest cards! wow!! and how fun to see a bloggy friend! I've always wondered if I would recognize bloggy friends if I happened to see them somewhere.

    And to answer your question about my hair, I just put mousse in my hair... and it happened to work this time!

  23. Thanks for sharing! It looks like you had LOTS of fun!! I love those cards they are adorable!! Oh and I agree with Megan...Yay!! for date nights! Brandon and I went on a date Friday and went to MiMi's cafe for the very 1st time and loved it!! You can never go wrong with TJ Maxx!!

  24. You had a busy weekend!! I am very sensitive also and cry at the drop of a hat!
    I loved the v-day treat your mom gave your furry baby. I'm trying to figure out what to get our Zoe. She loves treats!
    Those were great outdoor photos at the end.

  25. Looks like you had an eventful weekend - I love your cards! I need to make a bunch to have around - such a good idea! Then, I won't be rushing around trying to make one in a hurry! I love all your land - you're so lucky to have all of that God's country around you :)

  26. Your mom is as creative and cute as you are! I need some of those genes.

  27. Please add me to your list. I already have you on mine!

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello!

    Those cards you made are super cute!! I used to scrapbook a lot but it just hasn't been happening lately! Oh, your land looks really beautiful!

  29. What a fun weekend! I love how you mom feels toward her Granddog! Your cards are beautiful. I know they brighten a lot of days!

  30. Men and their toys! But they are cute while using them, aren't they? I follow my hubby around with the camera all the time while he is working!

  31. Love the cards girl! Don't you love weekends! I'm glad you enjoyed yours with your hubby. Just days away from the V-Day gift your DH left you. Have you peeked? LOL

    Oh, are you getting my emails or are they in the spam folder? Just checking. I put your email in my address folder now. :o)

  32. Your mom is too cute! My mom does the same thing for us!

    I am so impressed that your hubs will go shopping with you at T.J. Maxx!!

    Your cards are precious!!

    Hope you are having a great week!


  33. Hey! I sent an email the other day? I'll email you direct, let me know if you get it. Okie dokie. :o)

  34. Y'all are just so darn adorable!

    I am excited about our date night for Valentine's Day Saturday night!

    And, just to make you feel better, I tear up during the national anthem every time. and the fight song. and the alma mater. and the hog call. Yeah, I am pathetic. But I get it honest, my dad tears up during the fight song too.

  35. ok i will not leave you alone until you start hosting a bible study at your home. you have such an infectious personality and you are obviously an incredible hostess. Have you done any beth moore studies? If not they are so amazing. I have done all of them and it has been what has helped disciple me over the last decade. I just think you would have a blast! Let me know what you think Jess!

  36. OHH cards are cute!! And Iam thinking after that last pick Your Hubby might have a bit of farming in his blood!!!:)~ I promised my Hubby I'd never post his ummmm deryare!!! your so funny!!!