Wednesday, October 4, 2006

The Challenge of Design!

We had to do it the hard way, of course! We found a piece of a plan online that we liked, used tons of photos, and stole ideas from all the houses we have loved over the years. The result? A jumbled mismatch of ideas that our architect had to piece together himself. We have changed the plan at least six times, it has grown, and it has shrunk. David meets tomorrow, Thursday night, with the architecht to finalize the last of the changes. It is very time consuming to pick every last detail, but very fun! I have paint chips, fabric, and decorating ideas running through my head at all times. The above blueprints are still in the revision stage, and the front elevation has already morphed into something different, but the downstairs and upstairs are pretty close to the final drawing.

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  1. The building has began. We are so happy for you & David, how exciting. We love you both...