Sunday, October 8, 2006

Halloween Pictures with Bichon and Tilly

Amy Hickman and I got our "girls" together the weekend of the 7th and 8th to take Halloween pictures. We decided to use the pictures to create Halloween greeting cards. Amy also has a Bichon Frise, so they are so adorable together. Tilly was a pumpkin, and Bichon was a Bumble-Bee. Amy and I had the pictures developed on Saturday night, and finished the cards on Sunday right before Connection Group. We hope to make it an annual tradition!


  1. Bichon & Tilly look great, we had fun taking the Fall photo's, Pets can really be apart of your family. And I didn't always feel that way. But with Bichon I have learned to love that little dog, Grandma Karen

  2. Look how far you have come--1 comment to 50's of comments! ;-)

    So, did Amy get rid of Tilly--and give her to Rachel??

  3. Ha ha ha... one comment? So sad! : ) Ha ha ha..

    Yes, Amy gave her to Cathy and Rachel right after Zayde was born. So, I guess that was sometime in March, because he was born the end of January. She tried for awhile, but didn't have the patience.