Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hollin's 2nd Tea for Two Birthday

My baby Hollin is two years old.
I can't believe it is true.

I can still feel those unmedicated labor pangs, pacing my hospital room, tracing a path from the top of Pikes Peak with my eye down the Front Range, imagining what hidden waterfalls and Aspen groves must be tucked into the hills, and again, falling into a deep silence as my labor quickly brought Hollin into the world.
Very quickly.
She was born in less than 30 minutes from my water breaking.
How can a memory so tender and fresh be two years old?
I'll never, ever understand it.
We celebrated Hollin with a "Tea for Two" party on my parent's property, late {late} one evening at 7:30 p.m., after the hot sun had finally set and the cow pasture grew dark with shadow.
I shopped my mom's house for treasures and vintage flea market finds.
I made the cupcake toppers myself and bought the fabric bunting on the fence from a friend.
Last year, for her first birthday, I set up a woodland party in a roadside Aspen grove just outside of Woodland Park, Colorado.
There were no Aspens or Rocky Mountains this year, but we had family present{for the first time in over five years!} and we had bellowing cows and rows and rows of pastured fence line.
It was a party fit for a princess.
A Tea princess.
: )

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