Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our Colorado Kitchen: before and after

What is early summer without an unexpected snow storm?
Despite living years in both Michigan and Colorado, these warm weather overnighters are always a hard pill to swallow. But, it was school as usual, so I dug out the coats one final time.
Never pack up the coats until June!
: )

To ward off the winter time summer blues, I made summer food while it snowed away outside.


Before and after of the work in our master bathroom

David religiously worked in the basement on painting the kitchen cabinets.
Hard, long work that requires nothing short of perfection.

The snow stuck around a few days, so we dove in and enjoyed every flake!

Can you see the big flakes coming down?

Watching the snow fall

And little by little, late at night, I worked all the staircase posts.
{Before and after}

More of our renovated fireplace



I took on the job of updating all the fixtures for the kitchen and interior doors, both the hinges and handles. Huge difference for about $12.00!

Snow cones! 
And just like that, winter slowly slipped away.

We lived in the house for several weeks just like this: exposed cabinets, no drawers, and no interior doors hung on bedrooms or bathrooms. It was a bit stressful, but the final results were so worth the wait.

David installed my black oven hood we special ordered from Lowes.

And then he hung two farmhouse lanterns in the kitchen over my island.

New floors, new trim, new appliances, refurbished cabinets, new faucets, repainted hardware, and new lights!
Such a rewarding job!

Here is a before and after comparison 
{he also tore down that pony wall and resheetrocked that area}

Aint' she purdy?
: )

And just for fun, a shot of the kitchen right after David laid the flooring down.
Green tile backsplash, honey oak cabinetry, and a big flouresent ceiling light dominated this space.
David is amazing.
He did the whole kitchen himself in about three weeks!

Our front yard tree bloomed and smelled so fresh!
We loved opening the doors to let the clean air waft through the house.

We had playdates

And still ran the fireplace.
: )

David installed the orb light in the dining room.
Those shiplap ceilings were such a treat!
He really did an exceptional job!


My parents drove up from Arkansas for a quick visit and the kids were super excited to show them their new bedrooms.

My mama and me
: )

My mom sewed an new ottoman cover for our Great Room

And we broke in the dining room with a few family dinners

The kids settled into having their own bedrooms after having shared a small apartment during the house hunt and renovation work.

My mom picked Harbor up for school with me everyday on his very last week.

And we played at the park.
Look at Pikes Peak and all that lingering snow in the background!
: )

My mom helped put the kids to bed one night so I could enjoy a run all alone on the track.
It was worth a shameless selfie to have some time to myself.
: )

Our neighborhood view

My favorite thing my mom brought to the house was a television dresser she painted.
She is a great painter and we have enjoyed her talents for many years!

She also foiled my hair and my eyebrows.
: )

Yay for new hair!

How are you all doing?
School kicking back off?
Hope all is well!
: )
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