Sunday, August 14, 2016

House Renovations

Life was full of hustle during these weeks!

After the floors were laid, we ripped out all the interior doors and reframed all the door jams on both levels. We painted all the trim, doors, and lower level walls.

The kids spent every evening at the new house playing while we worked. Harbor often did his homework sitting on the bare floors while the little ones ran tracks through the mazes of boxes and saw dust. 

We had many after school adventures discovering new parks in the neighborhood.

And during the school day, Henry and I packed our little hearts out at the apartment while Hollin napped.

Can you spot my tuckered out packing buddy?
: )

Little Hollin found her courage on the slides.

And our fireplace at the new house got an overhaul: new flooring, new trim, new mantle, new black surround, and a good scrubbing on the brick face. I was so proud!

The new appliances, though still empty, had lots of helpers, reaching only as high as they possibly could.

David finished the shiplapped ceiling in the dining room and painted it a creamy white.

And all of our new interior doors were painted and ready to be hung.

Here is a fun before and after of my hard work on the fireplace.

We slowly began to move into the new house, having some stuff in the apartment and some in storage.
For a time, we were definitely in limbo.

We made several weekly trips to the hardware store and we felt like we lived at Lowes.
For fun one afternoon while running errands, David ran into Walgreens and bought us all red noses.
: )

Hot dogs at Lowes are always a sure sign summer is on its way!

We ordered a new french style oven hood and removed the heavy microwave from above the stove.

And I started with all of the bathroom vanities upstairs.
I used General Finished Gel Stain and totally brought them out of the 90s.
It was probably my favorite project upstairs.

Before and after: Master Bathroom

Layers of stain

David took on the biggest project of all in removing all the kitchen cabinets himself, moving them into the basement, and sanding, painting, and sealing every single drawer, cabinet, and trim face.
What an undertaking!

Our first morning in the new house, completely moved in.
Nothing is in its place, but this picture was a total victory.
We were home!
: )

Daily naps in carpool as we counted down to summer vacation

Laundry for five in a new house where nothing is in its place- need I say more? : ) 

Sweet moments

Our new backyard terrace

Before and after of the main floor powder room
{The before picture was from the original MLS listing and very grainy, but I'm happy to document the comparison for my memories sake.}

More napping in carpool
: )

I love this sweet baby of mine!

Hollin's first attempts to climb multiple flights of stairs

After the great success of the bathroom vanities, I began staining the stair posts.

Before and after- four total stair posts to finish!

After school walks in the new neighborhood

Aspen trees
All the hearts for Aspens
: )

Oh, Henry!
: )

Before and after: stair posts

Porch pictures

Harbor's last soccer game- notice the snow covered mountains, even in May!

David set up an intricate system in the basement of painting and hanging cabinets to dry

Colorado in May.
My heart sings for those lonesome peaks!

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  1. Great job on staining the master bath cabinet and I recognize that pile of laundry from our own home and kids!