Sunday, October 4, 2015

Summer Season Wrap-Up!

With Fall upon us in a hurry here in Colorado,
 I wanted to make sure to document the last several weeks of summer.

I love the Fall.
Summer I tolerate, but having Harbor home with us more is making summer my new front runner.
: )

Having the whole summer together made Harbor going back to school a little bit tougher for Henry.
Harbor has been in school for two full months now, but Henry sometimes still lingers at the front door during the day, waiting for him.

Wendy's had some really special happy meal toys this past August 
and Harbor enjoyed creating spaceships.

Henry and Hollin both enjoy pilfering through my closet in search of treasure.

My parents in Arkansas mailed a little tool kit and Harbor and his dad both worked together to construct a tiny plane.

Sunday is my laundry day.
Harbor is always happy to help sort piles for me!

Hollin is 13 months old.
She does the hand motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and clasps them together when we pray for dinner.

Harbor's toes have finally busted through his favorite pajamas.
He is about to turn seven- the pj's are a 5T.
He loves those silly things!
: )

Hollin is still nursing like a champ at 13 months and is still sleeping crib side in our room.
She is just the sweetest little thing.

David recently went on a big camp out with his brothers and nephews from Arkansas.
It was a big three day overnight camping trip on the edge  of Rocky Mountain National Park, so Harbor really couldn't tag along. It was just too strenuous a trip.
To compensate for his heartbreak, David pitched the tent in our little apartment living room the first night back in town.
Harbor was living the dream!
: ) 

This summer,  up until mid August, we visited the local library once per week.
A favorite book, A Street Through Time, was discovered and thoroughly enjoyed by these two.

Henry has been practicing his fine motor skills at home with scissors.

He and Harbor recently made snowflakes while I prepared dinner.

I've been baking so much more now that Colorado has gotten colder at night.
Baking is such a stress reliever for me.
Just pure fun!

Henry has been practicing his colors with play-do and crayons while Harbor is at school.

A sweet friend of ours took a few pictures of Hollin 
and I just as the sunflowers were at their full height of bloom.
Such special momentos for this mama!

Lastly, this September, we attended a local hot air balloon glow.
We couldn't swing the lift off in the early morning, but the kids enjoyed seeing the giant balloons glow in the dark. 
When the fire above the balloon baskets would roar into the sky from inflation,
the mountains would momentarily light up, as well.
Such a magical experience.

And while we were there, we had the fun opportunity to meet up with Harbor's kindergarten teacher from last year.
So, we did!

Fall is GLORIOUS here in Colorado!
The Aspens are golden yellow and the mountains are streaked with their changing hue.
I'm in love!
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