Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hollin's 1st Aspen Birthday!

My Hollin is one!
At 12 months she:
*is still breastfeeding before naps and bedtime, but drinking whole milk with meals.
*is crawling, but has no interest in walking.
*wears 9 month clothes {tiny little thing!}
*weighs 17.13 pounds / 20% in weight
*is 29 inches tall / 43% in height
*has a head circum. of 45.2 cm / 58%
*says "uh-oh!" if she drops something
*babbles, laughs out loud, waves goodbye, and points at pictures in books.
*holds books and turns the pages
*loves to read
*still loves to jump in her jumper
*is a restless sleeper and nurses through the night, every night
{Yawn!  Tired mama!}
*is on the verge of having eight teeth
*eats table food like a champ
*is the least picky eater I have- she eats everything,  We haven't found one food she doesn't like yet.
*drinks with a sippy cup
*is a fantastic car rider and never cries while driving!  She likes her car seat!
*cries if a stranger picks her up
*likes to play chase with her brothers on the carpet
*dances to music on her knees
*Has deep blue eyes, a tiny gap in her front teeth, and strawberry blonde hair.
*is the tiny princess with a court of two jesters who dote on her!
We love her so!
For her first birthday, I knew I wanted an outdoor shoot deep in an Aspen grove.
With wild Colorado grasses, pine cones, tree stumps, Aspen logs, and flower wreaths,
it was a day to remember.
I'm so thankful to have had the help of a great photographer who captured a very big milestone.
I'm so grateful she drove over an hour into the mountains to capture this day.
No tripod pictures for us! Yay!  
: )
I used wild flowers for cupcake toppers, three different vintage lace tablecloths on the table we loaded and set up an hour from home, and used a headband, floral wire, and a hot glue gun to create a massive wreath crown for her little hair.
When you can't do big bows, big  wreaths are the next best thing!
A few weekends before her photo shoot, we drove up into the mountains and scouted locations and supplies.  I brought my camera and took pictures of possibilities and narrowed it down to this spot located off the North face of Pikes Peak.
We found a large, level tree stump for a cupcake stand and gathered pine cones and limbs to stage our table.  The tree stump was already cut, so we loaded it into the van and let it air dry for two weeks.
We kept the color palette light with creams and whites and kept things super simple.
We only gave her two presents this year: a bead activity toy and a Barbie- her very first! 
It was beautiful and breezy, low key, and all about getting out into nature.
Happy Birthday, Hollin!
You are the Aspen to my grove, the flower in my hair, and the skip in my step.

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