Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall Fun!

It is so hard to believe we are coming to the end of October.
This is by far- without question- the busiest season of my life.

Between carpool and homework  and potty training and having two littles in diapers,
my schedule is just super packed.
I have never felt more joyful, but to be honest, often times overwhelmed.
The days are long. This apartment is small.
We spend all day, everyday together without any rooms to hide away in.
: )

But these pictures give me such great happiness and
 remind me that the work I do has eternal implications. 
My job is so challenging and yet so rewarding. 

I just adore these little faces.
I work harder and plan more efficiently and pray harder
 because of the great love and commitment I feel for them.

Being a mom is seriously the best.
: )

Harbor, six yrs.

David is leading Harbor's pack again this year.
Harbor feels really lucky that his dad is the teacher.
I hope they always have such a close bond.

Henry, 2 yrs.

David's welcoming committee after coming home from work

Hollin, 14 months

Celebrating my 34th birthday with our friends, the Gaughans.
They totally spoiled me.
She made my favorites for dinner: steak, deviled eggs {with mustard!} and potato salad.
We had cupcakes and my favorite guilty pleasure, Coca Cola!

We love having friends from our hometown living in Colorado.
God is so good to give us people who speak His name and speak His truths into our hearts.

Henry building a marble  run maze while Hollin naps

David and Hollin

Hollin loves to pull all the clothes out of the dresser drawers.
: )

She is 14 months and still crawling.
No steps yet, but she can cruise around the furniture like a monkey.
She is just so, so sweet and smiley and easy.
I could have two or three more just like her.
: )

Hollin and Henry brushing their teeth after lunch

And then I took her brush away.
: )

{She is smiley most of the time, anyway!}

Harbor and Henry building a zoo for their animal collection

Up next!
Halloween costumes and summiting Pikes Peak as a family of five!
: )
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  1. I cannot believe that Harbor is six already. We've watched him grow up on your little blog. Time flies