Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving in Colorado {2014}

Thanksgiving was in Colorado this year.
We missed our families at home in Arkansas, but made the most of it with lots of time with friends!
To start the Thanksgiving break off, we hosted a little friends' play date at our house.

I offered to have a little craft ready for the kids and thought making 
paper bag turkeys would be simple and easy.

I put the supplies out in paper plates and covered our table with butcher paper.
I added a few doodles and wrote the kids' names at each chair.

Harbor had so much fun, and it was a much needed day at home!
We love school, but it is nice to have nowhere to be sometimes.

I bought two white T-shirts and some fabric and made Thanksgiving shirts
 for the boys to wear during nap time one morning.  

Hollin celebrated her three month birthday and Thanksgiving a few days a part.
She is such a little turkey- and was such a wonderful baby for the holiday!

We hosted another Arkansas family at our house who couldn't make home to Arkansas either.
It was a true "Friendsgiving!"

We took turns using my camera to snap a few family pictures on our porch.

My three gobblers!
{Yes, we put the tree up extra early this year, but since we are traveling home to Arkansas for Christmas, we wanted to have it up for as long as possible.}

My oldest and youngest.
Henry is officially a middle child!
: )

And just for my memory's sake, Harbor took this picture of David, Hollin, and me.
He is turning into quite a good photog!
All I have to do is set the settings, and can look through the viewfinder and click!

Since we were hosting, we divided up the menu and each family brought a few things.
I found some pine cones under a tree in the parking lot of our local Village Inn and brought them home.
Dipped in glue and glitter, they made free place cards.
{If you want that gloopy, snowy look with your glue like I have, use Gorilla Glue!}

It felt good to have a house full on a holiday away from our hometown!

We made:
Mashed potatoes
bread rolls from scratch
stuffing from scratch
deviled eggs
They brought:
green beans
carrot casserole

It was quite a spread and soooo good!

Before we ate, I read a book aloud to the table about Thanksgiving and why we eat turkey and what the Natives did to help the Pilgrims.

Things I want to remember:

When I asked a question about the meaning of Thanksgiving, Harbor raised his hand to answer like he was in school.

Halfway through the book, Henry folded his hands, bowed his head, and yelled, "Amen!"
{he was ready to eat and for me to be quiet!}

We all told what we are thankful for in circle fashion:
I said: Hollin, since she is our newest blessing, and David for working so hard.
David said his new position at work during this economy
Harbor said his family and food.
Henry wouldn't speak at that point

We have so much to be thankful for!
I'm thankful for friends, family, and faith!
I'm thankful for Jesus, who is the only reason I have the strength or sanity to do all that I do.
And I'm thankful for you, dear reader, for sticking with me at the end of a very long post!

Hope you had a great one, too!

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