Thursday, December 11, 2014

Santa Baby

December is in full swing!
We are definitely feeling the holiday spirit with all we have had going on lately.
Love this busy time of year!
Hollin, at three months, had her first visit to see Santa!

Behind the scenes of my peaceful photo shoots, chaos is just always right out of the viewfinder.
: )

While I balance precariously on the edge of chairs, preening for the perfect shot,
Henry is keeping Hollin entertained with push ups and planks.
Love these silly monkeys of mine!

And yes, I'm fully aware that Hollin's bow is well.. big.

I made it from a gift bow I bought at Hobby Lobby, and as a friend on Facebook told me, 
"Hollin will have the strongest neck in Colorado with those bows!"
I love it!

As we say in the South, "The bigger the bow, the better the Mom!"
: )

I bought shirts and fabric and whipped up a couple Christmas shirts for the boys and added a ruffled collar to a little outfit Hollin already had.

They turned out really fun and Harbor especially liked the pom-pom ball for the Reindeer nose.

We donned our new shirts and headed out to have pictures made with Santa,
but not before taking a few at home.

These pictures are truly the calm before the storm, y'all.

Henry was not having it this year. Not one little bit.
He did no lap sitting whatsoever.
He is a blur in the photos, escaping down the electronics aisle of Sam's Club.

Oh, he is a hot mess, but we love him so.

And thanks to Harbor, we even had a picture taken of the three of us!
{Thanks, Harbor!}
He is really getting quite adept to my Canon and has quite a steady hand.

We are doing our nightly book advent and really enjoying it!
{I have a link in the "Tutorial" tab up top on how we set it up each year}

Hollin has enjoyed many mid afternoon snoozes in front of the Christmas tree.
Pandora Christmas Jazz station playing, twinkling tree lights, sleeping babes...
The most wonderful time of the year!

And David recently attended his work Christmas party stag.
Poor Daddy.
When you live away from family, kid free events sometimes mean someone has to stay home.
We missed him, but we are so glad he went and had a great time.
He came home with Sonic drinks for all and a few Red box movies.

My Christmas cards have been mailed!
I made 250 this year, but only mailed about 230.
The rest were hand delivered.
They are always such a labor of love, a race against the clock, a challenge.
I totally feel like I'm in my zone making them.
{Cut card stock, breastfeed baby, punch holes for ribbon, breastfeed baby, attach newsletter, breastfeed baby, double stick tape photo, breastfeed baby...}

The year of the baby, as I like to call it, is always a good time around the holidays.
: )

We hope all is well at your house!
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  1. you look amazing!!! Merry Christmas to your family!