Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas in Colorado

Today, we celebrated Christmas early here in Colorado.
But, first, we decided to try one last time for a good Santa picture.
Here is our 2013 Santa picture:
Harbor has never cried with Santa, even as a tiny babe, but Henry just doesn't like him.

After our failed attempt at Sam's Club, we tried one last time at Bass Pro.
Henry still wasn't buying it, but Harbor helped with a firm arm across the chest just long enough to snap this treasure!

And the tears were all but forgotten as soon as we left Santa and headed toward the fish aquarium.
There was a long line behind us and I joked that the people waiting didn't know what to look at:
Hollin's huge bow or Henry's attempt to make a break for it!
: )

We set up our tripod and took a few family pictures this morning before opening gifts.

Minimal makeup, glasses, and pajamas, but I'm so thankful to have these family pictures.
I've always tried to be in the pictures for my kids' sake.
I want to be in their memory, even if I feel I look less than fantastic.

At least I'm trying, right?

Henry had his 1st Christmas last year and Hollin's  first Christmas is this year.
A new baby in 2013 and 2014.

Need I say more?!
Busy and blessed. and more busy!

Harbor snapped this one of David and I after I put the camera down.

And because Henry likes to open his presents along with everyone elses,
 Harbor spread his loot out up high on the dining room table.

Love this picture.
Love that the kids will look and smile, even without a person behind the camera.
Moving away from family has forced us to get creative with photography.
Harbor leaning his head on David's arm, Hollin peeking out with big eyes, and Henry's little smile.

Harbor had a special gift for us, too.
An ornament of his hand print complete with a little poem.

I admit I cried after reading the little poem.
My first child is on his first Christmas break.
I almost can't believe this day has come.
Christmas is magical when you share it with the ones you love!

Things I want to remember:

Harbor's favorite gifts were Legos.
Henry played all day with his new Melissa and Doug zoo train.
Henry cried during the reading of the Bible story because he wanted more milk in his sippy cup.
Hollin lasted through all the picture taking and gift opening without having to nurse once.
David declared no gifts for adults and cheated and bought me a gift anyway.
Henry thought Harbor's new marbles were candy and almost swallowed one.
We all ate my Granny's cabbage and potato soup for lunch and watched Rudolph.
Harbor declared his books to be awesome because he is quite a reader these days!

Merry Christmas, friends!
May your heart be light!
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