Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our Family of Five

Our Hollin arrived three weeks early- in quite a hurry, I might add- on August 21st.

All three of my kiddos have come on their own early- 
Hollin at 37 weeks
Harbor at 38 weeks
Henry at 39 weeks.

After timing contractions at home for over an hour, we called friends {at 2:00 am} to come watch the boys. We headed to the hospital with the overnight bags I had only packed about six hours before.
I definitely cut it close this time!

Upon arriving, I was dilated to a 5 and 70% effaced.
I delivered both boys naturally without medication, so I continued to do the only thing I knew how to do: 
breathe and walk and talk and keep moving.

I quickly dilated to a 7 and 90% effaced where we were then moved from triage into a room.
So nice!
The windows overlooked the Rockies, and during contractions I would let my eye travel their craggy peaks, stopping on aspen and pines, allowing myself to imagine what hiking trails must meander there.

With Henry, my window overlooked the Detroit River and the Canadian shore.
No lapping waves to distract me this time, but spires reaching into the clouds, colored purple in the moonlight sure did the trick.

I used my birthing ball and felt a total sense of calm.
I knew in the back of my head delivering so early could be rough for Hollin, but I felt such a peace.
After dealing with gallbladder attacks for months and months, Hollin's arrival was well anticipated.

My water broke soon after {at a 7/90%} and I held Hollin 30 minutes later.

Going from a 7 to holding in 30 minutes is very reminiscent of Henry's birth 
{he was born in 47 minutes from the time my water broke}
and it has its pros and cons.

Pros: fast labor and very easy to do naturally
Cons: both bebes had some breathing problems from such a quick birth

My mom arrived the next day, and we're very thankful to all the Colorado friends who helped us out in the meantime.  There is nothing as lovely and magical as bringing home a new baby.

I'm always saddened to hear of people who view children as a burden, as another mouth to feed.
Children are His best gifts.
There is no greater blessing in life than to build a family.

We're so thankful for our Hollin Leslie McCash!
7.7 pounds, 19 1/2 inches
born 37 weeks and 1 day
Apgar 9 & 9

{Leslie is my dad's first name}
: )

            {These pictures were taken four hours after delivery using our tripod and self timer. Thank goodness for tripods!}

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