Monday, August 4, 2014

July 4th Visitors

Third trimester pregnancy + gallbladder disease and five hospitalizations + my oldest starting kindergarten in one more day {!!!} = no time to blog, but for my memory's sake, I'm bound and determined to record these pictures and stories.
Essentially, life is busy during this season, but these memories are too great to not record.
At least I'm trying, right?
: )
I'm hoping to blog again in a few days to get totally caught up.
The 4th of July brought my parents and granny here to visit for over a week.
The weather was cool and breezy.
Colorado summer is king!
We drove to Garden of the Gods to show my granny the red rock spires, the Kissing Camels formation, and the front range Rockies. The snow has finally melted off of Pikes Peak it seems.

We took my parents to the Sand Dunes for another day of majestic sand cliffs.
We brought sleds, sand buckets and shovels, and extra clothes.
We were much more prepared this time around!

We hung out in Denver at the Downtown Aquarium, dined with the mermaids, and touched sting rays.

We drove to the Air Force Academy to walk the grounds and visit the chapel.
{This was my Granny's favorite place we took her!}

And we celebrated without fireworks as they are illegal in most areas of Colorado. Due to the dryness of the forests, it's just too risky.
We ate good food, put a lot of miles on the car, and laughed a whole lot.
It was good to have family in our home again.
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