Monday, June 23, 2014

Our "4th of July" Mantle

I must admit that decorating our mantle here in Colorado has been really fun!

The two years we lived in Michigan, I decorated shelves and kept our mantle pretty simple.
{You can see the shelves here and skim to the bottom to see all the holidays represented}
Even though I have boys, they both really enjoy seeing the mantle change for the holidays.
And as an extra, unexpected bonus, Harbor has started to remember what time of year certain holidays occur- great for an educational experience!
: )
This year, I made giant double sided pinwheels with grommets.
They were time consuming, but now that I have them, I plan on keeping them in mint condition so that I never have to make them again!
{Thanks a lot for the idea, Pinterest!}
Rolling eyes!
: )

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