Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day Festivities

Father's Day this year was pretty low-key.
David has been working 3rd shift in management for the last month with just another week left to go before he returns to his normal schedule. He has been going in around 9:00 pm and coming home around 9:00 am.
Thankfully, our kiddos sleep through the night, so it hasn't been a big deal, but keeping everyone quiet during the day so he can rest isn't always easy.
: )
Since David is the only Engineer with a background in forging, we know it makes sense for him to be the 3rd shift manager for this month while they finish up a big deal with Sears, but we still miss him!
So, all that to say, Father's Day was celebrated after poor David only had a few hours of sleep, but we made it special and low-key for him!
We celebrated with cheesecake, apple juice, balloons, and lots of homeade gifts.
Thanks for working so hard, being so loyal to our family, and putting us first!

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